Saturday, 22 February 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #39

Hi everyone, I’ve got this need to change things up. You see I’ve being doing these memoirs for a long time now, and I feel after everything else that I’ve changed that this is out-dated.
So instead I’m going to take this time, once a fortnight to talk about my books.
It basically means that instead of me doing my monthly rap-up I’m going to talk about it in fortnight snippets.
It will also hold information and just random things I need to talk about regarding the books and where there going. I need that outlet, only I’m going to hopefully do this a little better, and in a way that’s enjoyable for everyone, since I feel the way I’m doing now needs more information behind it.
But mostly I’m not going to put in numbers. Or at least that’s the thinking, but it will also give me a chance, every 2 weeks to take a break and look at where I’m sitting and what I defiantly need doing.
Let’s see if this helps me, because the other way just seems to be work, and therefore isn’t helping one bit.

So firstly, the beginning of this month was horrid. I basically didn’t nothing.
I wrote one short story for Moonlit Wolves series, as well as started a read through on book 5: A Werewolf’s Howl to see if I can clean up some of the sentencing, because it’s one of my (many) things I’m crap at and the kind editors and proofers at extasybooks are trying to help me fix.
The short story is a little on Tim’s nightmares which he’s been having since… well you read the book and find out (he, like my throw at promo) I originally had the 7 boys sitting in the lounge room telling how they became…. Yeah, I don’t think I should be talking about this, as it will spoil everything for the next couple of books.
Anyway, what I wrote wasn’t bad, but what was there is screaming for an actual story of it’s own, rather than them talking about it. So it’s on the back burner.
I’ve been considering writing an ‘ending’ to book 1,  I don’t really like the idea, and it would be a short story, because to me there isn’t anything all that interesting between when that story let off and when we meet up with them again in book 2. But if it’s something that you all really want, and I’m allowed by extasybooks, I’ll write it for my birthday or something. It will be rough, and it won’t go anywhere near the book until the contract is over.
Tell me if you want it or not, because if no one says anything I’m not writing it. I like that there’s possibilities and maybe in book 7 you’ll understand more about it, or at least, about Jex and how he was raised.
I’ve started editing on Love without Knowing it, which is the first book in my Movember series (series name pending, I need to make sure it’s not trademarked). I ended up taking out pretty much the end of the last chapter and instead giving it an epilogue, which is the first one I’ve ever written.
Update: We have had some slight delays with this one, as for a pending death. It’s not that we are or were ever in a rush as this book doesn’t come out until the 1st of November, no exception, and so we have time. But I’d have like to have gotten it all over with before Uni started back up again.
Sigh. Shit happened, and we can either take a breath and deal with it or drown. I prefer the first option.
Oh, and I’ve started No Biggy, Its Just a Kiss, which is going to be a little longer than I originally thought it would be (so 6-10k rather than 2k)
Anyway, this story is going to be YA, or at least YA with Adult themes, because he’s 16 and it’s a ‘coming out’ story, with him realising that being gay doesn’t mean camp.
Anyway, I like the idea, but I’m getting clogged ‘cause it’s got potential, as well as a lot of different roads he can run down, with a different person on each and they all want to be in the story I’m having trouble starting. But no matter where or how he goes he’s always hit the same end and that end is still a little fuzzy, but what I’m getting is coming kinda needs to be shown to me before we start or I won’t be able to put in the details.
Okay, so it’s actually Friday now, and I can safely say that I have done nothing but what’s written above.
I have completely finished re-reading book 5, and it’s off to the editor, but since that book doesn’t come out until May there’s no rush.
I’m going to do the same with the start of book 6 and I’ve been thinking on it’s lameness and things have circled and it looks that this might actually get a backbone. Since there’s at least one shit storm that needs to happen if I want the book to make any sense or be anything other than a pile of shit.
My thoughts have just started up against with No Biggy, mostly because I’ve decided that once book 6 is done I’m taking a break and writing that one. but I’m already doubting that I can actually write this book in the way it needs to be written as I hope I’m not just writing another of the many coming out stories the world already has. But I’m not sure, with what I know (it’s not a lot) it’s a bit different, in the scene of why he doesn’t want to be gay, though he clearly can’t stop himself.
I think that’s it. I’d like to say that I will have at least started book 6 re-read by the time you’re reading this, but I don’t think I will be. I’m actually tossing the idea of crying tonight, rather than leave it until I can’t hold it in anymore.
The fact is, I haven’t cried for over 3 months, and yeah, it’s not that odd, but in that same time, I have had my Grandad die, learnt of my mother’s cancer and now my Gran’s going to (or has), which is a lot to grieve about and I haven’t.
I have this thing in my mind that maybe my blocks and problems in general are because I haven’t let myself cry, and I mean really cry so I’m leaning more towards reading a book that will make me.
Only I don’t wanna. Not because I don’t wanna cry (I don’t) but because the books I have that are destined to make me cry are like halfway down my WANNA READ list and whenever I pick up my iPad I just wanna read those on top.
So it’s not helpful in any way.
Anyway, I guess we’ll find out next fortnight.
Thanks for listening

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