Tuesday 4 March 2014

first review for Moonlit Wolves #2

I'm not sure if this will interest you, but I got FBed with a link to a review of Forever with my Werewolf, here.
It’s nice, though I would probably link it up if it was shit, it’s the first one (exciting), and honestly, I understand, I’m not top of people’s lists, but I have been worried a little about this one in the first place, wondering if people didn’t like the fact that I didn’t continue with Jex and Matt.
I do want to point out that this series will get to that point, I’m nearly done writing book 6 and then book 7 has a MC that’s a part of Jex’s old life so it will point out facts from how he grew up. I’m itching so write it so much that it’s making me struggle with book 6, lol
Anyway, I’m heaps happy, since I understand why no one’s reviewed it, or if this is the only person who’s actually read it, but just knowing that it worked, that it made sense, and that it was understandable and realistic enough that it’s what other people would do. which is kinda what I wanted, since at the time, I was reading books, where they’d freak but it was easy to talk them down, because of the bond, and I’m sure it would as well with Tim, if he was given a chance, but seeing as Colin didn’t give him one….

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