Tuesday 4 March 2014

Stuck in Your Head # 87

I’m going to give you the line from the books I’ve read that make my mind crave the rest like chocolate & Coke.
Because I read it like three times since I got the end of last week, and it’s this line or one of the 3 like it that have pulled me back
“If I’d known you and your family were so relaxed about the whole ‘acting like a stalker’ thing, I might have taken more risks…”
--page 135, iBook
Worth a Shot by Kim Dare
(FIT Guy’s #2)
First Published
Contemporary BDSM Romance
Everyone knows that Tony Landon’s dated dozens of different men and women since he joined the athletics department at the Falconer Institute of Training. Everyone who’s ever gossiped with one of his exes knows that he’s kinky, too.
Donovan’s reputation at the institute is different. The only reason people are pretty sure he’s gay is because he drinks at the same pub as most of the gay and bi Falconer guys, and he’s never actually said he’s straight when he’s brushed them all off.
Tony’s been flirting with Donovan ever since Donovan joined the institute’s archery programme. Even though a whole year has passed and Donovan’s never given him the slightest encouragement, Tony can’t quite convince himself to give up hope.
Donovan has his reasons for not flirting back whenever Tony hits on him—right up until a snippet of overheard gossip lets him in on an interesting fact that just might change everything.
The odds are stacked against two very different men ever finding happiness together, but as far as Tony and Donovan are concerned, it’s still worth a shot.
Author note: While this story can be read as a standalone title, some elements might make more sense if you’ve already read Worth Waiting For
Series includes
Worth Waiting For, Another Six Months Later
MY Note: the line that I chose will be more…entertaining if you read the first book before this one, but other than that I don’t feel it needs the previous book for you to understand or enjoy this book (if that helps anyone)

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