Saturday 22 March 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #41

So I have actually done a little more this week then I have since I spent those 13 days writing my first Movember story.
But first, let’s get the series outta the way, there’s a post here, that will tell you what I have so far, rather than me having to write it all out again—or summaries.
But I have written just over 500 words on that book, it’s still giving me shit, I hate it, but the story is sitting in my head, right there, waiting for me to sit down and write it, which is better than I have had in a long time.
It’s also making me thing that book 7 will be the last, or if I can get them done before June than I’m taking a break and working on a contemporary set of stories or series. But I have to get writing if I want to be able to go that.
Mind you, I’m hoping that writing these stories will allow me to just finish the 12 and then I can forget this series for a long time (or until people want more)
I started a new story A Word with You which has come from a weird spot and it’s been completely plotted out, all I have to do is get into the mood and finish it off.
It’s centred around a funeral and it’s meant to be a backwards story. I’m hoping to pull it off in a way that might have you just getting rid of the beginning and then when the end hit, you go, ‘Oh that’s why…”
Anyway, it’s like high emotions and a tragedy making you asses the things in your life and fixing what’s not necessary broken but defiantly not perfection.
Anyway, it will only work if I can pull it off, and I’m so hoping I can, but I have to be there, in that mind space or its going to go to shit.
Lastly I started another short story, I’m hoping for something between 4-6K.
At the moment I’m calling it Gotta Start Somewhere and I guess it’s about learning your worth.
I’m hoping to get it into the Dreamspinner A Taste of Honey Anthology.
And onto something else, I know it’s not something that happened before this post, but it was meant to.
On Monday I’m getting together with two lovely ladies in my life who are going to help me edit this book. we are going it in a sit down sweep. Going over every line and trying to see if we can resolve the problems with Love Without Knowing it and then it will, hopefully (I have to ask) to go with proofing and then I can move onto the next stage—which is paying for a line proofer. As well as a post and all the other things that need to go around this one.
So, that’s all for me, I’ll cya next time
Sean hated clubs, all fucking types of them, but especially dance clubs, where the body mass was borderline fire codes and the heat of people radiated around the place like a colour.
--Gotta Start Somewhere

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