Tuesday 15 April 2014

Release Day!

Like always, the day on my calendar says its here, but release won’t actually happen for at least 12-19hrs, but that don’t mean we can’t celebrate
If you ain’t up to date, here’s excerpt one and two
Let’s introduce you to the alpha.
Eamon has lost everything in his life. It’s not until his family forces him to go and close out his partner’s estate that he meets a group of men who change his life, and one in particular who opens his heart to love again.
Only there’s something not quite right here. Once Eamon realizes what it is, will he still be willing to stay?
Chris stared at one of the most beautiful houses in the area while he was sitting in the back seat of Paul’s Ute as they drove up the driveway.
“It’s a bit worn,” Paul commented for the twelfth time at the halfway point of the driveway.
“Worn?” Chris smarted. “More like shit fight. Really, Paul, this is gonna take ages.”
“Probably.” The man nodded as he always did when talking to Chris. It wasn’t disrespecting him, more like ignoring the tone of voice Chris had worked hard on creating, right along with the walls around his soul.
Nevertheless, life did that to you, especially if you stood under the rain of shit falls that had befouled on Chris since birth.
“Least that means we’re in for a job ‘til the New Year, at least!” Gene said, though Chris was sure it was merely to hear his own voice more than anything else. The man loved to talk.
Paul huffed something that had to be a laugh, “I hope we can get this done before Christmas. I know you guys are staying here, but I wanna leave for the holidays on Boxing Day.”
Gene smiled. “Ah, come on, Paul, we can work without you around.”
“Yeah, I want the money for this job to spend on holidays, and that ain’t gonna happen until we finish.” His voice dropped down, since there wasn’t anyone but the boys to hear it.
“Yeah, grog money would be nice,” Chris muttered. They never did anything to celebrate anything. Just another fucking day. But then in a turnabout way, all of his mates were orphaned, so it wasn’t like there was a family meal to get home to. Hell, for the first couple of years, they had basically lived off the streets, so there wasn’t anything anyway. At least, not until Paul ran into them and gave them something to cling on to, a job, a house to live in. All of them were more grateful to him then they could ever say.
“Doctor Collins.” Paul held out his hand to the older man. He wasn’t the tallest man out there, maybe as tall as Phil and Colin, definitely taller than Chris was, but that wasn’t hard. His hair was a delicate mop on his head, every hair, though slightly messy, seemed in place where it should be. His face was a beauty—a smooth jaw line, slightly squared, making it a male face—which would look hot as hell, and a lot less…professional with a day or so worth of hair covering his jaw. His eyes were a deep brown, with arched eyebrows, defiantly shaped for him, though it just added to the beauty of his face. His lips were plump. His nose soft. His posture spoke arrogance and money.
“Paul? How are you this morning? Are these your workers?”
“Yes, this is the crew, so if there’s anything you need, just ask.”
“Oh, I will.” The words seemed to run out of the older man, making Chris shiver. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from him—from Doctor Collins, which was odd on its own, since he was as far away from Chris’ type as he could get. But still….there was something in that prim line to his face that made Chris pause.
The doctor’s eyes scanned the other guys, coming to rest on Chris. Or, was that just wishful thinking on his part? No, there was a heartbeat where their eyes locked that made his heart skip a few beats as he held his breath waiting for the dismissal he was sure to get.
When his face turned back to Paul, Chris found himself still unable to look away. Locked as he was, he noticed that he hadn’t been forgotten, and that felt sweet.
“Everything is still as we discussed it. I’ll be inside if you need anything, so just knock.”
“Will do,” Paul replied, as if there had been no problem. As if one of his staff wasn’t frozen to the spot from one look of deep brown eyes that held a command.
When he turned back towards the door, Chris let out his breath. Still, he couldn’t move, his eyes trailing after the doc, noting the soft steps he took on his way to door. How the jeans he wore fit tightly against his arse, making Chris’ fingers twitch, wanting to touch.
When the doctor reached the door, his hand on its handle, he looked over his shoulder. His lips curved up in a smile as if he knew exactly what he was going to see.
Chris snarled at the older man, though he doubted he would hear it, then turned away before he could let his dick drop him to his knees and crawl towards Collins who he had no interest in fucking.
Yeah, who was that meant to fool?
As he set off after the other guys, he heard a soft laugher coming from behind him, Collins was no doubt at the front door by now. The sound wrapped around him, tied him up, and wanted to pull him back. Chris shivered. It was never going to happen. He hated men like that jackass.
“What the fuck was that about?” Adam asked him in his soft shy voice. His best mate since he could remember was slightly taller than he, and his blond hair and blue eyes were slightly different from Chris’. Where Chris looked more boy-next-door—not his own description—Adam was a surfer. Only his demeanour was less outgoing than the look made you think.
Chris shrugged. He really didn’t want to answer it—he’d have to think about the fact that he had been rooted to the spot by a passing look of a man he wouldn’t have looked twice at.
Adam hooked his arm through Chris’ and pulled him closer to kiss his cheek. The arse always did shit like that, especially around private properties where their friends were there to back him up. If it weren’t for the shit they had been through, and the…yeah, um, Adam would have turned out so much more of the cliché than he already was.
“Get off it, arse.” Chris laughed as he lightly knocked Adam away, but made sure their arms were still linked. He liked that no matter what he did or what he said, Adam stood by his side. At least he had so far, and he didn’t seem close to changing that.
Now, Chris needed that kind of reassurance that Adam gave him. That way he could pretend that Adam needed it, not him.
Taking Control of my Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley
Release date 15th of April 2014

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