Monday 14 April 2014

A Review of Moonlit Wolves series

“Erotic, violent, thrilling, this definitely is. Is there romance? Yes, but it is neither sappy nor cheesy. It is actually a scary thought to think of romance here. Especially when things get a bit too graphic that mental images turn to the manga drawings of blood, guts, gore and bodily fluids flying about in fights”
– multitaskingmomma
about the first 3 Moonlit Wolves books
this wasn’t the first nice review I have had for the series, I’ve found, as she’s said, that book 2 and on are much better than the first and really, it makes sense, as from book 2 is when I started the story ark that will be ending at book 9 if I can get myself writing them.
the thing is she made me think about a few things about myself and how I look at the series that I wrote and this one more so, though I know I didn’t get completely into the romance side, I didn’t think it was that way away from it.
but thoughts are thoughts and they are great to have, especially when your new, lol but I’ll be getting into that later on in week.
Anyway, I have a side bar recommendations and it made me think about reviews people have done for me, and the fact that I have spoken of the bad but not really highlighted the good, and if we can’t highlight things like this in life then we generally end up drowning under all that badness.
The sad thing is I know there’s at least one more I’ve been
Portia de Moncur from mm good book reviews
JP A Bilbao from multitasking momma
Kimberley Spinner from Sensual Reads
I’m sure I’ve missed some, and if you’re one of them comment and I’ll fill it in  

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