Monday 28 April 2014

The Numbers Are In

I’m not actually sure how to make this interesting because, to me, numbers are what they are, they are unchangeable, and they are hard to misinterpret.
Anyway, my March invoice had just come in and I thought, since I took off with my first quarter talking about my history and what I’ve learnt (or I’m just making this shit up and it was a dribble of words—my specialty) I thought I would follow it up with a simple post on the numbers
Quite simply I made (or at least held in my hand) $605
Now I’m quite happy with this number, I am actually quite surprised with even getting this much in the first place; I honestly didn’t expect anything for at least a year in publishing. I’m not sure if it was due to what I’ve written, helped with promoting, but I know I’m not doing awesomely, I’m not making millions, but then I don’t believe I’ll even make that kind of money.
So it’s been a pleasant surprise that I’ve made this much in just 3 months.
Okay, so first up, these numbers, as far as I can tell, came from the site itself, I’m not sure if I’ve just not sold anything in the third party sites, or if the three month mark on that hasn’t come up yet.
So here’s what I sold:
January 2014:
·         Loved by a Werewolf — 150 units
February 2014:
·         Loved by a Werewolf — 50 units
·         Forever with my Werewolf — 94 units
March 2014:
·         Loved by a Werewolf — 17 units
·         Forever with my Werewolf — 28 units
·         Seeking my Werewolf — 95 units
So all up I sold
·         Moonlit Wolves series — 434 units
·         My Kevin – 693 units
Like I said, my expectation of how I was going to go when I first pushed that send button, and as I waited was nothing on how much I actually sold.
I am new, people, I have only been at this game for 3 months (ok, so nearly 4, but we’ll back track that) and I have sold how many.
Anyway that’s the numbers from me, and I know I shouldn’t be talking ‘bout it on an account of its money and all, but it’s interesting and if more people did it, I’d be interested to know how they did because it’s all about realism and the fact that this is how I started out. It will be interesting to know what I’m like, and what my numbers are in a few years when my name has some meaning behind it.
It’ll will also be interesting to see what April brings in since I ended getting 3 books onto the top 20 chart on the site, though I’m still not sure what that truly means, but it’s making my crappy week so much better.
But then this was a big promoting for me. I did it for what the books really were rather than what I thought they were and I think that helped, or at least it got the right type of person looking at the series, and that matters more than anything else, doesn’t it.
Anyway, that’s what I got, it’s what I promised, and I hope it’s what you’d be interested in learning.

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