Monday 19 May 2014

Monthly Update & the Plan for the Next 2 Weeks

This is coming a little early for the fact that I’m planning to put up my free read these next two weeks so it means I won’t be doing these regular post for the next two weeks.
What I’d done this month, it’s actually bigger than I thought, lots and lots have happened.
My short story was rejected, Gotta Start Somewhere, which I’m going to be posting for you for the rest of the week. I hope you like it.
I have plans for this one, it will come out in ebook, but depending on if the other story gets rejected or not – if it does I’ll put all 3 shorts in a bind-up for free as a ‘get to know me’ read. Mostly because that will give me a YA a NA and an Adults book – all of them around the same length.
I meet Penny in real life, lovely lady and I had a great time, can’t wait until next one!
I hooked up with NJ Nielsen who not only helped me realise I’m a bit of a downer and needed to stop, but has also agreed – or did we decide together – to co-write a series. We will be starting the plans for this in or after June and actually start writing in January 2015.
I finished Moonlit Wolves 6: Rub of My Werewolf, it has been sent and it’s gone through first set of editing, which made me so proud of myself.
It’s a really good feeling.
Next fortnight I’m writing Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting my Werewolf, which is going to be up with the longest, it won’t be much bigger than 5 as I want to keep these as little books, but it’s defiantly going to be bigger than the other going into it.
Book 7’s time frame starts around the same time as book 6, and go right into book 8, with book 9 being about the people and a bit of the aftermaths.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting to them, as much as I’m looking forward to ending this part in the series.
I’m hoping to have these three done by the end of June, but would really like it to be before then.
I did two BETA reads on a YA one, and 2 from NJ Nielsen. They were fun and I quite liked being a BETA though I’m not sure how much I helped (a bit if what they said was true!)
Um.. so I’m going to say that’s it, I’ve been having a think and can’t think of anything else I need to say. I will, however, give you the start of Protecting my Werewolf (unedited)
Justin first meet Jex when the young man was twelve, small framed with eyes are dark as night as he stood on the other side of a dead body that pooled blood around his feet.
     The guy dead had been one of his bodyguard as a young man Jex had watched as calmly as ever, as if it hadn’t been the first time, not be a long shot, while his father went into a rant about something long forgotten before he’d pulled the trigger.
     It hadn’t only been Jex’s feet that ended up covered in blood but like the other gore around him he’d stood there, still as anything while chaos ran around him. a death bringer in all its glory until he blinked at his father, turning his head slightly and in a voice so scarily soft it had made a shiver work down Justin’s back, Jex had wondered if it was okay for him to clean up.

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