Monday 25 August 2014

Top 12 Re-Read Books

In no particular order:

Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles
This was among my first mm books, and back then I didn’t have an iPad which meant I could only go paper – I’ve read these books that much I’ll honestly never have to again

With or Without series by
This is the same as above, and though I read the series more than anyone should, Without Caution is still me favourite – or has that changed to With Abandon…
Lover Mine by JR Ward
This is by far my favourite in the series, yeah I love Lover Eternal, but Lover Mine… this one I had to buy twice. The second one because I read the first so much three big chunks fell out of it.
Don’t Look Back by Josh Lanyon
Hm… I had at least two more to choose from I actually pick this one up today and so it became the top, lol
G-A-Y series by Kim Dare
I’m not sure why I’m always pulled back to this series, but I am, again and again

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
This was one of the earliest books I read, it’s up there on re-read as with the Twilight series, the thing is, though, I still own Graceling
This is also my first, and very rare higher fantasy books, though I don’t believe you should call it that, since it’s clearly a romance
First Time series by Eden Cole
Ok, so I honestly don’t care for book 2, but Raising Seth and Craven, short sweet as hell and pulls me back in monthly
Royal Flush by Sean Michael  
I don’t know what it is about this book, maybe it was my first by the author, it’s the hot arsed characters, but I fucking LOVE this one
  Night World series by LJ Smith
I love this series so much, I think there’s only lie two stories that I don’t care for that much, but I still read them all again and again, I just so wish the last book would come out, though I’m in the reality that it’s never going to happen, and I’m kinda ok with that
The Missing Butterfly series by Megan Derr
I dear you to read this book and not fall in love
Edge of Twilight by Maggie Shayne
Oh man, starch what I said from the above and apply it here, Edge, oh fuck me Edge…please
All In by Brynn Paulin
There are probably a few others I could, or should have put here, but this one, I also read, it’s shorter than short, it takes a moment of time, and yet it holds you for all those pages, and I read it all the time, most of it without even really registering I’m doing it

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