Wednesday 3 September 2014

The Last Book for the Year

I’m done, for the year at least.

It’s getting to that time of year when the Christmas story are coming out, and then 2015, and if you think about it 4 months isn’t all that long. So after this small list of book.

And since I’m organising it all for myself, I thought maybe you’d like to know too

This first one I’m putting up because it was on the list, I just managed to get it complete a few days earlier than planned, and it’s not up everywhere so it’s still technically on a list.

So, yeah, this is technically a cover reveal but it’s not at the same time, so…

Gotta Start Somewhere

This is a blog story I created an ebook file for. Mostly because I wanted to see how things went with the companies I’d be using and what better way to get it done but by using a story I was always going to publish.
This book is FREE please don’t pay for it, and if you see it priced, report it (aka Amazon uses)

Saying this, there will be a second book to this one, working title is: A Point To Make

The next two up for publishing, both clearly still working on blurbs which will be the reveals on each, lol


Early October: Running Scared
This story is kicking my arse, mostly because I’m worried I’m not actually going to get the word count high enough to matter, and so I’m putting in so much shit that’s giving the whole thing away, and it’s horrible and. … I’m taking a breath this week and I’m just writing what’s in my head and I’ll see what others thing before I add things into it.

1st of November: Love Without Knowing It (November)
I’m at the final stage of this one people, I’ll be sending out some arc’s I’m hoping by the end of the week. Even though there is one more step to go, and everyone who gets an arc will also get a finished copy. but I’m so nervous, and I’m so proud of this book that I want to do it justice be having be as perfect as I can possibly get it so my arc’s will be what there meant for, to find out if I’ve missed something.

If you’d like an arc, comment before, with a reason why you would be honoured to in a way proof read my contemporary romance

when i can submit it: Protecting My Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves)
I’m halfway through this one, just need to get the mojo back on it, and that seems so hard at the moment.

And I may or may not write a Christmas story, it will all come down to if I can write in the mood and if when I’ve stumbled on it, if I can write the next 2 Moonlit Wolves books I’ll definitely get to them first (it’s a longer promise)

Now onto 2015, I know I could wait for this one but I have the list, may as well tell you now so that in a few months you’ll have a general idea of what I threw out the window for something else.

Is happening
·         4 Moonlit Wolves books – I’m planning on every 3 months
·         November 2 – November release (testicular cancer)
·         A Reason to Hate Valentine’s – February release
·         The Hunted – Co-Author with NJ Nielsen

·         GR mm romance story

Want to happen
·         Assassin’s Union 1: Hunting a Traitor
·         Auction House 1: Desperate
·         [name unknown] – very excited ‘bout this one, it’s gonna be a thriller

Other than all that, I’ve got a few blog posts I want to get ready for, and then a few more, even if I don’t use them on other people’s sites, they’ll all go up on mine. Movember is a charity I support and I want this first year to go well.

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