Friday, 7 November 2014

Origin of the Moe Bros

I’ve written a book called Love Without Knowing It which is the first in the November series. Each book in the series will follow a different point in male heath and I will be donating all profits from the series to the Movember charity every year.
Meanwhile I’m going to be spending the month with post about the charity and the book in generally because that’s something I can do as a Mo Sistas (along with my wink, and praise to those men who are growing themselves a Mo).
But I suppose to start we must travel back and check out where it all started from, and I may not have gotten it fully write or anything as I’m a little confused, but then I really didn’t want to just cut and paste.
Therefore, this is how I remember it starting. But the meaning is the same regardless.
Mostly the origin of Movember is a little… weird, because I remember it happening in a Adelaide pub where a group of blocks grew a moe in support of one of the fathers going through prostate cancer. I remember it being on the news.
But truly the fundraiser started up in Melbourne and they have their own story of it starting, but for reals, I’d say the ‘conversation’ was started up as they drank and watched it happen on TV.
Saying this I’m not going to quibble with what the people say how it started, we’re Aussies and we tend to lie a little and say things are ours when they really started somewhere else *cough-pavlova-cough*. like yeah technically it’s started there, because those 30 guys were the ones that made it into something it was today, but if it weren’t for those little guys the thought may never have come up.
Anyway, from there it went viral, maybe a little slower then what viral means now a day but clearly it went worldwide, slowly different countries linked themselves up to this event where for the month of November we sponsor men to grow a little facial hair in and donate money to the cause which is male heath.
I quite like the idea, I like that it’s for the whole ring of health and not just one or the other, because I find that some things get left out that are just, if not more, important, but for this event we are focused not only on the physical of the men in our lives and the mental.
You see men are human and as a human, they get sick, but in our society, we have brought them up to be, well, men, which means they have to be strong, and fit and always provide for their family. It doesn’t matter how much things have changed and how much that those points just don’t exist they are still how we raise our boys.
This charity, this organisation and the fact that it’s so visual and in your face for the whole of November (especially for those who aren’t a fan of the moe) that men do in fact fall and they need help in realising that it’s okay and there isn’t anything wrong with that.
I want to end this with saying, if you have a man, or men in your life that aren’t like this, and I have met a few of the too, that’s excellent, but like the way of women it’s not a one is all type of thing, each and every one of us are individuals
If you wish to learn more about the organisation, here are the main links
If you are from somewhere else, I’m sure you can find yours and my apologies for not having it up.
When everything Paul had ever known turned upside down, suddenly he needs to man up and fight for the love he’s always feared.
Paul’s life was set. He had what he needed and what he was comfortable with. Then a night with one of his regular lovers pulls him into the drama of sickness, love, and death.
In the end, Paul needs to work a few things out first: Is he strong enough to fall in love with a man that may need more than he’s able to give, or will he fall into old habits and run when the relationship gets too complicated?
A reminder that through the month of November all profits of this book will be going to the Movember charity

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