Tuesday 20 January 2015

Another Week We’re Sitting In

Alright this week I am FINISHING Moonlit Wolves 7, there’s no other choice, I have anything else that needs to go out, just this, and I’m 5K off the end. I’ve decided that I’m going to lock my iPad up if I don’t get this fucking thing done.
Seriously people, I’m done, it’s all about conclusion now, a battle, that’s it, because the romance, though I still need to add a tiny bit of romance conclusion, I’ve worked it out, it’s settled, just a fucking battle and I’M DONE!!!
Even bought myself some alcohol so that I can get through the edits my BETA picked up, a re-read, and then sending it off.
I’m sending it off at the end of the week at the latest.
And so with the hope that I actually do that, that it’s done, as I write these out at the beginning of the week. I’ll be working on my m-preg. I wanna write that in 2 weeks.
Saying this, I’m more than sure I can do that as I have someone who will make me, if she isn’t telling me to read something else. But I’m excited, it’s new, and it’s fresh and I wanna write it. but first the 6 heads beast (it grows another ever month it continues to be written)
However, people I want to point out, I actually like this story. I think it’s actually one of my favourites in the series, it’s just the series I’m having some real hate with. Hence, the break I’ll be taking from it for the rest of the year.
Onto blogging, just quickly. I have two new meme’s coming up this week, and that are hopefully staying for, well, at least the year
The first one is one Thursday and its Characters Character and Friday will be April’s Interlude.   
I think they both stand for themselves, but you guys might not actually know who the first one is, and let’s face it, knowing something and being told your right, so let’s at it (may have been in a mood while writing this, lol – could have been drunk)
Characters Character is going to be me talking about my characters, letting you see inside their individual book as well as whom they are, or how I see them. Maybe they’ll make the book make a bit more sense; maybe you’ll learn just how little I know about my own characters.
The next is April’s Interlude, which is me opening up a day for a fellow author April Kelley. it’s her first year, and though I don’t have a great following I still have some and we think this will be a good way for her to get her name out and let you guys meet her, outside of bombarding of promotions.
Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy these two additions to my blog, I have just been finding it hard to think of things to write on both of my ‘me’ days. Though this isn’t really just me, it actually is.
Hope you guys find something you like, if there’s anything else you’d love to know about me, tell me and I’ll work it out, switch it up a bit.

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