Friday 30 January 2015

April's Interlude #2

Hi everyone Bronwyn here for a wee moment. I wanted to first share with you guys the link to April’s own blog, she’s not on there much, but she’s got a cover reveal for her first book that will be releasing in mid Feb.
Anyway, you will most likely learn a lot more about it in the coming week here, but I thought maybe you guys would like to see the cover here, it’s lovely
And not onto the short story she’s giving us a look at today, be warned it’s m/m/m and NSFW
Being Neighborly
Isaac held the final notice in his hand, the words rolling in his head.  The word foreclosure seemed to take up most of the page, drowning all other words out.  The sting of tears came to his eyes, uncontrollably.  They clogged up his throat and squeezed his chest like it was being slowly crushed by one of his steer’s hooves.  He had tried everything to make the little ranch he bought five years ago profitable.  Every penny of the money he inherited from his grandfather, the only person who didn’t disown him after he came out, went into the ranch.  Now there was nothing left. 
The rest of the family was beyond pissed that Grandpa left Isaac everything he had, so he wouldn’t ask those money hungry vultures for anything, not that they would give him anything anyway.  They had successfully disowned him so thoroughly they hadn’t even spoken to him at his grandfather’s funeral.  And he hadn’t heard from any of them in all the time since then, not even his own parents.
He had started using social media to sell his grass fed beef and it was proving to be a good move.  People wanted to eat healthier and grass fed beef raised on a pasture was better for the human body than the corn-fed, lot-raised crap a consumer bought in a super market.  His great epiphany happened too late and didn’t generate the money he needed quickly enough.  Oh sure it was coming in and he was gaining more and more of a customer base.  Word of mouth was a beautiful thing.  If he had thought of this a year ago it would have made a difference.  The bank wasn’t giving him any more of the hot commodity that was time. 
He didn’t know what else to do.  He was completely out of options.
Isaac took a couple deep breaths and tried to calm down.  His hands shook as he pulled the phone from his pocket.  He could make one last attempt to compromise with the bank.  He was losing everything anyway so what could it hurt, right?  The automated prompts nearly made him lose his mind. 
       Finally, he got to the right person and gave his name.  “I was wondering if you would be willing to give me an extension.  I can get the money that I owe, I just need time.”
       “Sir, you are up to date on your loan as of yesterday.”
“What?  How can that be?  I just got the notice in the mail today.”  And he knew for a fact he still owed them a few thousand dollars.
“Disregard that notice.  It must have been hung up in the mail.”
Isaac opened his mouth than closed it again when he couldn’t make words come out.  Finally he was able to say, “Who paid it?”
“There’s no way for me to know, sir.  Perhaps I could talk to the teller who took the cash.  She will be in tomorrow.”
“Yes, thank you.”  He hung up the phone after that, practically falling into the kitchen chair.  He sat there for most of an hour in a stunned stupor.  He couldn’t begin to explain what just happened.  He looked at the phone in his hand and dialed his best friends’ number instinctively.  Maybe talking it out with them would help him wrap his mind around his sudden good fortune.
He hated admitting he needed help.  Just the thought made him sweat with nerves, every single time.  He liked to do things himself.  Just knowing he could run this ranch on his own gave him a sense of independence he was never allowed to experience as a child.  Except he hadn’t done it on his own, someone had helped him out.  He owed someone his thanks and their money back. 
“This is Tanner’s phone.  If you are hearing this I’m probably in the barn, so call the barn phone.  Otherwise, just leave a damn message.”
Isaac took a couple deep breaths to try to keep his shaky emotions out of his voice but knew he wasn’t entirely successful as he said, “Tanner, could you or Aidan give me a call back.  I need someone to talk too.”
He wasn’t sure how long he sat at his kitchen table staring at the phone in his hand, willing it to ring.  It felt as if only a few minutes went by, but he could have been sitting there for hours for all he was aware.  He snapped out of his subconscious daze when the screen door snapped into place.  The phone lost purchase in his hand and clattered to the table.  Luckily, the thing didn’t break into a million pieces. 
Before he even had a chance to turn around, strong arms came around him from behind and lifted him out of the chair.  Aidan’s big body covered Isaac’s smaller frame from the front even as Tanner pressed against him from the back. 
Isaac was so startled by the sudden show of affection it took him a full minute to process what Aidan was whispering in his ear.
“Tell us who has you so upset and we will beat the crap out of them.”
Isaac had no doubt of that.  Given how big his two neighbors were, anybody would be scared to cross paths with them.  They even had the balls to hold hands down the sidewalk of their little Podunk town.  None of the haters ever dared to say anything to the openly gay couple. 
Isaac had harbored a secret crush on both men for years now, ever since he moved onto the ranch down the road from them.  Never in all those years were they ever this tactile with him.  Sure, they would give him small touches, very friendly maybe, but never was he the creamy filling in a Tanner-Aidan Oreo cookie sandwich like he was now. 
Isaac could feel the blood rushing to his cock and just knew Aidan could feel it too.  Isaac knew his face was red.  He was glad he had it tucked into Aidan’s neck and neither man knew how embarrassed he was.
“You gonna tell us what’s wrong, baby?” Tanner’s southern drawl was more pronounced than Isaac had ever heard it before. 
“Well, you know how I was losing my ranch?”  Putting a voice to it made it all too real once again, but then someone had paid for his messed up choices, didn’t they?  “Well, someone covered my debt.”
“We covered it, Isaac.  For once, just let us take care of you,” Tanner whispered in his ear.  Isaac felt soft lips where the words had just been.  At first he thought he was mistaken, that he was stunned into hallucinating, because he never would have guessed his neighbors would pay all that money for him.  He felt it again, this time further down his neck.  This kiss held just a hint of tongue, as if Tanner was testing to see if he would like Isaac’s taste.  Apparently, the other man loved how it tasted, because he kept going, giving Isaac more tongue, more delicious licks.  Isaac tilted his head, giving the man more room.  He couldn’t stop the thrusting of his hips even if he wanted too.  Aidan returned his thrust with one of his own, the contact of a cock thrusting against his stomach muscles made Isaac moan with lust.
Isaac really didn’t want to question his good fortune and the sensual contact was making him loose his mind anyway.  He really wanted to run with the sudden change in their relationship.  He just couldn’t come between these two men that were so obviously in love with each other.  Both men were kissing him now, on any exposed skin they could reach.  Kisses peppered his face and neck.  Hips moved against him.
Isaac remembered all the cook-outs the three men had together.  Aidan and Tanner had quickly become his best friends, despite the slight age difference separating them from Isaac.  Never in all that time had the men shown him that there was more than friendship on their minds. 
“Wait.”  Even has he said the words he returned the kiss Aidan was giving him, tongues tangling. 
It was Tanner that stopped the sexual foreplay.  “What is it, baby?”
Aidan pulled off his mouth long enough to let him speak.  “I don’t understand this.”  The confusion must have been written on his face.
“We’ve wanted you for a long time.  You weren’t ready before now,” Tanner explained.
“Because of my age?”  Isaac was 19 when he bought the ranch, only six months after his grandfather’s death.  He may have been of legal consenting age but he threw himself into working the ranch with such tenacity and drive there was no way he would have noticed if the two men had shown interest, he realized.  He hadn’t had time to date one man, not to mention two.  He had hooked up a couple times in the beginning at a gay bar a couple towns over, but working the ranch took up most of his time and eventually even the occasional hook-up became nonexistent.
“Partly.  You needed to figure things out for yourself first.  Now you have.”
“Really?  Please tell me what you think I have figured out.  That I can’t run a ranch on my own without my two best friends coming to my rescue.  That I’m a failure.”  Isaac’s body tensed.
“No baby.  That it’s okay to ask for help.”  There was such understanding in Aidan’s dark eyes that Isaac melted.  “We have been offering to help you out, in some way or another, for years.  We finally stopped asking and just helped.”
Isaac shook his head, but even as he did he remembered all the times his two men had offered to help bring in the hay or move the cattle.  Instead, Isaac insisted on doing it himself, often working long after dark just to get the job done.  Isaac had nearly sunk his own ship this time.  He had wanted to make this ranch work on his own. 
       “Thank you for paying the loan.  I will pay you guys back every cent.  I promise.”
Aidan’s lips touch his for a brief kiss.  “It was our pleasure.  And if you show us your bedroom, it will be your pleasure too.”  The toothy grin on the man’s face and the lecherous look in his eyes made Isaac laugh for the first time today.
“Come on, hornball, follow me.”  Isaac instantly missed the press of his men’s bodies as they stepped away. 
Only one way to remedy that, Isaac thought.  He led the way upstairs to his room, stripping his clothes as he went.  He assumed both men followed him, however, he didn’t turn around to find out, lust completely taking over his body and mind.
He stood completely naked in the middle of his bedroom.  His men stared at him.  They were holding hands, completely clothed.
“You both want this too, right?”  Isaac made a conscious effort to not wring his hands together, keeping them at his sides.  Isaac looked from one man to the other, gauging their facial expressions, hoping for some clue that this torturous vulnerability was worth it.
“Oh, yes.  We most definitely want you.”
Aidan turned to Tanner, kissing him.  Isaac saw a tongue poke in and out, licking as if the inside of Tanner’s mouth was an ice cream cone.  The sight was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  The two men were roughly the same height, which was a good half foot taller than Isaac.  Tanner was wider in the shoulders than Aidan’s lean swimmer’s build. 
Aidan pulled off Tanner’s mouth, grinning as he dropped to his knees.  He looked up at Tanner with an intensity Isaac had never personally experienced, even as Aidan’s long fingers worked the buttons on Tanner’s jeans.  What he wouldn’t give for someone to look at him like that.  Tanner was one lucky guy. 
Aidan’s hands were like the rest of him, long and slender.  Isaac watched as he ran those hands under Tanner’s t-shirt.  Isaac could see the bulk of them moving under the fabric, over Tanner’s sculpted pectoral muscles.  Then those gorgeous hands slid to the top of Tanner’s jeans and underneath, pushing them down, taking his underwear with them. 
As more skin was exposed and Tanner’s penis sprang free in all its magnificent glory, Isaac’s need grew so great he felt it in his whole body, as if his skin was too hot for the rest of him and he needed to shed it quickly.  He just couldn’t stand there watching anymore.
Isaac fell to his knees, crawling to his men even as Tanner stepped out of his jeans.  If someone held a gun to his head and told him to look away from Tanner’s huge cock, Isaac could not have done it. 
Isaac licked his lips.  “I think he wants a taste,” Aidan sniggered.  Isaac didn’t mind the other man’s teasing, because it was true.  He did want a taste.  “Was wondering how long it would take you to join in.”
“I didn’t know you were waiting,” Isaac said, not taking his eyes off his prize.
“Go ahead.”
Isaac didn’t have to be told twice.  He licked the pre-come off the head, getting a good taste of the bittersweet liquid.  He moaned as he took the full length as far as he could into his mouth, bottoming out at the back of his throat.
“So good,” Tanner groaned out.  Tanner’s hand gripped the back of his head, holding him in, pressing himself further into the warm, wet heat that was Isaac’s mouth.  When Tanner eased his grip, Isaac lifted off, and then fell back again.  He created a rhythm after that, moaning and slurping, working Tanner’s cock like a man possessed.  It was as if one taste wasn’t ever going to be enough.  He was addicted now.  He had always liked giving head but never wanted to attack someone before.
Aidan licking the side of his mouth broke his rhythm and he ease off the most delicious cock he had ever had.  He sat back onto his heels so that he could watch Aidan take it, the man’s full pink lips stretching around Tanner’s thick girth. 
Isaac stroked his aching cock, watching the erotic show.  
He wasn’t sure when Aidan had disrobed, but he was gloriously naked now, his long slender prick bobbing ever so slightly, in time with the motion of his sucking.
Isaac leaned down, bending until his stomach rested on his thighs.  He gave Aidan’s cock one long lick up the underside, slowly lowering down, and lifting up again.  He would keep his slow pace and then speed up at his whim.
Two things occurred to Isaac simultaneously:  Firstly, at some point, it must have been too much for Aidan, because he stopped his own ministrations on Tanner’s cock.  And secondly, Aidan babbled right before he came. 
“Yeah, just like that.  No, no, no, faster.  Yeah.”  Aidan said the last work in a breathy moan.  Aidan thrust his hips, driving his cock further into Isaac’s mouth.  “You are so good at that.  I love your mouth.  Always thought he had sexy lips, like a cupids bow.  Oh yeah. Yeah.  Tanner, he’s gonna make me come.  He’s gonna…Ugh.”
Isaac tried to swallow as much of the cream as he could but some escaped.  He lost concentration halfway through Aidan’s bursts of come.  His own orgasm took complete control of his body.  He shuddered uncontrollably, his back arching as a fresh wave made him shudder. 
He wasn’t even done with his orgasm when he was lifted up into Tanner’s arms.  Adrenaline made the man stronger than he otherwise would have been.  He instinctively wrapped his arms around Tanner’s neck and his legs around his waist.  Tanner’s cock was trapped next to Isaac’s own, warm heat pouring from the other man, coating their bellies with hot, slick come.
After a minute the adrenaline wore off and Tanner let Isaac slide down, his feet hitting the floor gently.  Tanner smiled down at him with tenderness in his eyes, the back of a finger ran across Isaac’s cheek.  Isaac rose up on his toes and gave the taller man a peck on the lips.
Aidan was already stretched out on top of Isaac’s bed like he owned it. 
“Comfortable,” Isaac asked, an eyebrow raised at the amount of space the man purposefully took up. 
“Yep,” Aidan’s eyes were closed, but that didn’t prevent him giving them a smile.  “Give me a minute and I’ll be ready to go again.”  Aidan raised his head, looking at them.  “Where’s your lube?”
“Shit.”  Isaac’s shoulders slumped.  “I don’t have any.”
“You don’t use it to jack off?”
“I haven’t done that in a long time.  To tired at the end of the day.”
Aidan smirked, “Then I guess we will just have to get inventive.”
“Oh God.”  Isaac hid is face in Tanner’s chest.  “Do I even what to know?”
“You never want to know what’s in his head.”  Tanner kissed the top of Isaac’s head and held him close.
“I will have you know my mind is filled with rainbows and unicorns,” Aidan frowned in mock seriousness.
Tanner laughed.  “Yes.  We know, because you suck cock like a dream.  Is that what you want to hear, love?”
“Yes. Thank you. Now let’s go to the kitchen.  That should be the first room we christen.  After we’re done with every room in this house we can move on to our house.”  Aidan started out the door.  “We have work to do, boys.  Chop. Chop.”
Isaac chuckled and held Tanner’s hand as he led the way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  Aidan already had his nose in the refrigerator door, slightly bent over with his ass exposed.  “What are you looking for?”
Oh God.  “In the drawer.” 
It didn’t take long for Aidan to stand up straight, closing the fridge door, holding his prize up for them to see.  With his other hand he crooked his finger at Isaac.  “Up on the table.”
“Wait.”  Isaac ran to his office, pulled open the filing cabinet and search around for the paper he was looking for.  He clutched it in his hand as he quickly made his way back to the kitchen.  He handed the paper to Aidan.  “I don’t have condoms either but we really don’t need them.  I know that is two years old but I haven’t had sex since that test.  I was tested every year up until then.  Wasn’t having sex so I didn’t see a need to keep getting the test done.”
Aidan tacked the paper to the frig with a magnet.  “We’re clean too.  The paperwork is at home.  We only have sex with each other.  Until you, there was no one else.  Ever.  You trust us, right Isaac?”  Aidan pleaded with his eyes. 
Instead of answering, Isaac climbed up onto the table to lie down on his back, spreading his legs and pulling them as back into his chest as they would go.  “Butter my buns, baby.”
Tanner cracked up, nearly doubling over, tears in his eyes.  Isaac had never seen the quiet man laugh so hard.
Aidan just shook his head, chuckling as he said, “That was bad.  Very bad.  I don’t even know if I can use this now.”  He eyed the stick of butter as if it offended him.
“Give me it.”  Isaac held his hand out and waited for Aidan to place the stick into it.  Once Isaac had it, he opened it and dug his fingers through the top.  Yes this would do nicely.  It wasn’t like lube, not entirely anyway.  Where lube was almost like water, this was thicker.  Isaac had to spread it around the outside of his hole and then push some inside with the tip of his finger.  It took longer but the self-induced stimulation turned him on more than he thought it would.  He felt the wrinkle of his own pucker and slipped a finger in, then out again. He moaned, eyes closing instinctively, loving the feel of his slick digit moving in and out of his own body.
He loved getting fucked.  He had forgotten just how good it felt to have something up his ass, even his own fingers.  Knowing Aidan and Tanner were near, probably watching him only added to the erotic sensations happening in his body.  He closed his eyes as the tingles, almost like shivers, starting in his chest and making their way down his body, settling in his groin. 
It wasn’t long before he added another finger.  The sudden feeling of a wet tongue on his nipple made him arch his back in an attempt to get closer to the heat of that delicious mouth on him.  He opened his eyes when he felt hot flesh tap his lips.  He opened up and allowed Tanner to feed that thick cock into his mouth.  Isaac tried to put a small amount of suction on Tanner’s cock as it pushed in past his lips, onto his tongue, and then to the front of his throat.  Just before his gag reflex would have kick in, Tanner stopped.
“Get in him Aidan,” Tanner panted out the command.  Isaac could tell it was killing him to stay still, as the tension in the man could drive a nail.
Isaac’s fingers were gently removed from his hole.  Seconds later a blunt, buttered cock head was pushed ever so slow into him.  Isaac pulled off Tanner’s cock, suddenly needing air.  He sucked in a breath, his mouth hanging open.  “Give it to me.  Never had it bare.”
It wasn’t long before Aidan’s balls rested against Isaac’s skin.  Aidan stopped, just resting his cock inside, for so long Isaac thought the man wasn’t going to ever move.  Isaac looked up at Aidan.  His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, like he had just run a marathon.  “Move, Aidan.  Please.”
“Oh thank God.”  That seemed to be what Aidan was waiting for.  He pulled out halfway and slammed back in again.  Isaac tried to thrust back, as best he could.  Aidan’s hands spanned underneath Isaac, lifting his ass just slightly so that his cock slid across Isaac’s prostate.
Aidan’s intense gaze met Isaac’s.  He smiled and then leaned down, sucking at Isaac’s swollen lips briefly before lifting back up again. 
This was what Isaac had been missing.  He had never felt so intimately and emotionally connected to another human being the way he was in this moment.  Tanner’s cock tapped him on the cheek and he thought, two human beings.
“Suck me slow baby.  Don’t make me come.  I want in you later.”  Isaac could do nothing but obey.
Being filled at both ends was a fantasy Isaac never thought he would experience.  Hell, Isaac had put so much of his time and attention into his work that he didn’t even think he would ever have sex again.  Now here he was making love to the most gorgeous men he had ever met.
As Aidan began to babble, Isaac realized he was close to losing it.  “You feel so good.  So Hot.”  Aidan’s fingers dug into Isaac’s ass cheeks a little more each time he spoke and his thrusts sped up.  “Tanner, he’s so tight.  So tight.  Can I ride him when you take him? Please.  Please.  I need him to fill me.”  Isaac had to pinch off his cock at the base to keep from coming at Aidan’s words. 
Tanner chuckled, although his voice was slightly strained.  “He’s a greedy lover.”
Aidan’s cock bottomed out one last time, his body tensed and he shuddered as he released into Isaac.  The other man didn’t even let his cock soften in Isaac’s ass.  Isaac grunted and shuddered as he pulled out and practically jumped onto the table with one leap.  Aidan’s knees were on either side of Isaac’s legs.  He dug two fingers into the stick of butter and slathered it up and down Isaac’s aching cock.  Isaac’s dick was already like a hammer so Aidan’s touch was nearly his undoing.  After he finished applying so much butter to Isaac he could have fried an egg on the tip of his cock, Aidan slowly sank down on to his hardness. 
Isaac pulled his mouth off Tanner’s cock once again to take in great gulps of air.  He watched Aidan as the man’s brow creased in pain.  The sucking heat of Aidan’s hole was something Isaac had never experienced before, and wasn’t something he would ever forget.
Tanner bent down and whispered into his ear.  “He likes the burn.”  Tanner’s lips connected with his, although the kiss was backward-sort of 69ing with their mouths.  The wild kiss only added to the eroticism of the experience.  Tanner licked the inside of his mouth once more before he was gone completely from Isaac’s view.
As Aidan lifted off of him ever so slightly and then plunged back down again, the painful look was replaced by pure rapture.  His mouth hung open and, as he moved up and down, a small smile played on his lips.  He winked at Isaac and quickened his pace.
Isaac felt Tanner’s legs against the inside of his thighs right before he saw the man’s dark tousled hair and warm brown-eyed stare.  “Your come is dripping from his ass, lover,” Tanner whispered into Aidan’s ear right before he took it into his mouth, never taking his eyes off of Isaacs. 
“Lean forward,” Tanner commanded and kissed Aidan’s neck just below his ear.  When Aidan’s chest was flush with Isaac’s, he slid his tongue inside Isaac’s mouth once again.
Tanner was bigger than Aidan and that fact was never more apparent than when the tip of his cock began to breach Isaac.  The man stopped halfway through, reading Isaac’s facial expressions for any sign of discomfort.  Isaac had no doubt the man would have stopped completely and pulled out if he had given the word. 
Not that Isaac would do that.  He loved the burn too. 
He gave Aidan one last kiss before smiling at Tanner and nodded to let the man know he was okay to continue.  All the while Aidan just kept bobbing up and down like Isaac was his new favorite fuck toy, slowing long enough for Tanner to get fully seated.
Tanner’s hands caressed Aidan’s back and then came around his waist, lifting him slightly, stilling him briefly before lifting him up, then down, in time with his rhythm.  One of Tanner’s butter slicked hands began jacking Aidan’s long slender cock.  The dual sensations of being filled and then filling Aidan at the same time were more than Isaac could take.  Isaac’s mind completely shut down, turning into a great big ball of nerve-endings. 
Isaac couldn’t clamp down on his emotions either.  It was as if the love he felt for these two men came pour into him all at once.  Everything was so intense, too intense.  The tingles started again, from his chest and down his body.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head.  He had no choice but to shut them, even though he wanted to watch Tanner’s face when he came.  He shuddered, and lifted just enough to press his cock as far into Aidan as he could get, come shooting out at the same time.
“Come, Aidan.  Now.”  Luckily, he didn’t miss the look of pure unadulterated pleasure as Tanner let loose inside his ass even as Aidan’s beautiful face contorted with his own pleasure.  The babbled Aidan spewed along with his come was unrecognizable.  Come splashed across Isaac’s stomach and chest, some even hitting his chin.
Aidan collapsed down onto Isaac, not caring that his come squished between them.  Isaac ran his hands up Aidan’s sides.  Aidan kissed the side of his cheek right before he buried his face in the crook of Isaac’s neck.  Isaac felt him breathe in his scent once, twice before he seemed to be satisfied.  Tanner petted Aidan’s back soothingly and pulled out of Isaac slowly. 
Isaac still grunted with the sudden emptiness.  He appreciated Tanner’s little kindnesses though.  He always had liked that quality best in the big teddy bear of a man, even when their relationship had been platonic friendship.
Now that the platonic part of the relationship was blown to smithereens, Isaac couldn’t imagine going back to that.  Not after this.  Not after the deep connection he felt with both men.  Something he had never felt with another person before, let alone two people.
“What now?”  He couldn’t help but voice the question.  He would rather know now if he would be facing heartache.  Better to rip it off like a band-aid.
“Give me five minutes and we’ll move on to the living room and fuck in there.”  Aidan’s attempt at humor fell flat with Isaac this time.
“It wasn’t just a fuck to me.”  Isaac tried to push Aidan off of him, wriggling and bucking his hips, but the other man clung like a tick.  Isaac finally gave up and went limp against the solid oak table.
“Now you accept the help we give you.  We’ll do things together from now on,” Tanner answered.
Isaac nodded.  “Okay.  It’s a deal.”  As if Tanner’s tone gave him a choice.  Yeah, right.
Aidan gave him one of his lecherous grins and said, “Now that we have that settled, let’s christen the living room.”  Aidan lifted off Isaac.  “Then the stairs.”  
   Copyright April Kelley


  1. When does this come out and where can I get a copy?

    1. This story, as far as i know doesnt :( but he first book is out 15th of Feb via extasybooks