Thursday 29 January 2015

Characters Character #2

I feel I didn’t tell you all what this meme was all about.
My intentions are to let you see behind the scenes of the books, or more so the characters of the books. Let you see what I see when writing them. Maybe let you into their lives and backstories a bit.

I do hope you all enjoy, it probably won’t last very long as I only have so many characters until I come to the end as I only intend on using the ones I have already published.

Anyway, now onto this week.

Here’s the thing, I wrote the moonlit wolves series so that it wouldn’t be so violent, I didn’t want it to take over the world. I wanted them to be about the love, the relationships of the men, and I didn’t think it would be if I let the blood out.

Two things I learnt. 1) I just shouldn’t have done it. I can’t pull it off, and my series was going to be a lot gorier then I ever wanted to be without them. Because in the end, they hold a bit of gore, and I wouldn’t have added to that, just allowed it to flow better.
Because that’s what happened, it reads jumpy and incomplete, because I just couldn’t pull off what I wanted to.

I don’t know if this is because of the way I write, that close to the heart as I can type of writing, or if I just suck that much. I’m not sure, but I have learnt and now I just allow it to flow

And 2) well, I mentioned it above, I wouldn’t have added any more gore to the story then is already there. Full stop. So my mistake. When I get them back I will add to the scene and clean them up, but for now, you’ll just have to watch me learn from my mistakes.

Now, onto whom we are all here to see, Matt (I really wish I was more a person who wrote characters off photo’s I pick out of real people but I don’t. I write them from one pronounced feature and they flow from that. So if you guys have a pic of who you think the characters most look like feel free to share, I’m sure everyone will love you for it)

Matt is that annoying little cousin we all have. You know the one that isn’t quite old enough to hang around with you when you’re in your teens, especially if your friends are around. because, let’s face it, he’s okay when you’re on your own.

He is that kid, the one that got left out one to many times and in his wisdom and boredom of being a wee bit of a teen, he decided it would be a good idea to follow his cousin and mates into the bush and watched in horror as they all shifted into the werewolves they were.

He was also the type that recovered a little too quickly, and because he was that stupid little kid he jumped out with glee onto be chased down and turned into a werewolf himself.

That’s our Matt, he was also lucky enough in life that his parents let him go off to his uncles house to stay, mostly because they couldn’t deal with the little terror Matt was. I’d like to add he didn’t live near Colin (the cousin) just visited a lot.

There he meets Jex, this cute little dude who tried hard not to get noticed, hell, a lot of the times Matt thought he did his best to be out of the public’s eyes as much as possible, even though Matt saw him out and about a lot.

The thing is, Matt never really grew out of being that annoying little cousin and so much to Jex’s love and horror he made Jex his friend. And I say it that way because that’s what happened.

So clearly, I have more of a backstory for Matt, but I haven’t actually ever been inside his head. Every time he’s written it’s because he’s near someone, or with Jex, so, well, this is as best as I got, sorry.

All I can tell you is what you know already. He’s loyal, his fiercely protective of Jex, and an exhibitionist. He likes being watched while fucking, and maybe a little for doing it outdoors, but he’s a little wiry of the idea of being caught with his pants down by the wrong people. This is probably because he doesn’t want anything to happen to Jex, then an actual care of it happening.

Jex and Matt are each other’s first, which I think helps show why they can’t stop fucking, but like above it’s not there only reason.

These two are the easiest to write, there love and energy and passion for the simple things make me never dead writing them.

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