Friday 2 January 2015

My Year Will Start Next Week

Okay so it’s only two days away, and I’ll still be having Sunday running, but for most events I’m not starting up a regular blogging week until then. I just don’t have the energy, hell, I probably won’t next week either but at least I’ve made this decision, I won’t have to figure out what the hell to write about now.
If I’m honest the idea of family coming to visit is awesome until you realise they’re going to be here, and that because there hear you are never at home. Which for a person like me, it’s not always a great thing.
I love my family, I really do, but I also have this lovely tendency to self-destruct when I don’t get a moment alone and since my kids are home, I just don’t get that. Add in family, and it all seems like too much work. When really, it’s not.
I say it this way, because we have, and generally will get home before 9pm which is around the time the kids go to bed anyway.
I don’t have to worry about dinner, it’s generally provided for me, so it makes things easier, and a lot of the time my brother-in-law takes my kids off my hands for a few hours so I’ve got myself some alone time.
I think, my biggest problem is that I’ve never quite crawled out of the hole I feel into—which is to say I’m still struggling with this bought of depression, and so it all just seems so hard. Life just seems hard.
Anyway, regular blogging starts tomorrow, and I believe I’m going to be shifting my days around. so you might not hear from me, or what I’m up to until (my) Tuesday but if you want to know what I have planned to write before that day comes check out my website. I have my first, horrible, attempt at a monthly newsletter up there, and if you decided to click over, leave a quick comment and enter in my monthly giveaway.
Also because I stuffed up the other day, too much alcohol I’m putting it all down to, here’s the actual lint to April Kelley’s free story, you should read it, it’s awesome.

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