Monday 12 January 2015

New Release


My Outside, My Inside
Published 10 of Jan 2015 by BonyDee Press
6,211 words (37p)
Sci-Fi flavoured Romance

“You left me!” he screamed.

Driven crazy from a childhood abduction, Mike has moved from mental institution to institution, all in the hopes of allowing him to forget his past, but little do his family and doctors know, he’s abductor wasn’t from this world, and he’s always planned on coming back.

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If you have downloaded this book before this day, please delete and re-download as it had major problems I have fixed. This isn’t to say I think the story is perfect, but it’s a lot better put together then the original


The most beautiful sight in the world stared back at Mike as his breath caught at the view before him.
He couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing, couldn’t get his mind to process the reality of what was really happening, not with an awe-inspiring sight. Not when his eyes watered a gentle weep that didn’t quite escape his lids at such a spectacular vision.
Darkness outstretched his eyes capabilities, as colours swirled and turned, a solid form like a cloud up in the day sky. Mike could tell it was distance that made the dance stand still, that if they’d got close it would be nothing more than junk shifting around them, but it didn’t take away from the sight, not for one minute.
Sparks tinged in the distance, flashing by so fast he couldn’t follow – a shooting star that was waiting to be caught, if only he had the reflexes. He would have wished if he could think of anything but soaking in this one moment, because he knew it would end. He knew something would come and take him away from the fantasy he was clearly caught in, but he wasn’t going to rush it. It wasn’t like there was anything left outside of this he wanted to revisit. No family or friends that he’d be lost without.
Hell, he was sure his parents would rest easier if he never dirtied their doorstep, or try and convert their perfect son, his younger brother, with his talk of space and aliens that both terrified Mike and soothed.
They hadn’t wanted him back; they’d have wished him dead at the hands of his abductors, over what they got back. At least, that’s what he’d been feeling, but the doctors had told him that it was natural, that feeling of abandonment. They’d locked him up, and left him there, and he was allowed to be angry at that, he was allowed to feel hurt.
Yet, it hadn’t really been like that, had it. He’d been a danger to himself and others around him, he needed help that his parents couldn’t give him, no matter how hard they had tried. They had visited, four times a week, moved when doctors had recommended a different facility that had world-renowned doctors who could help him, who would make him be able to get back into the world.
So where’d the abandonment come from? It hadn’t been from them, he’d never felt anything but love from them. Love and sadness as he collapsed deeper and deeper into his delusions. Even as he thought bad things about them—even at his worst, his subconscious would always pipe up and tell him what he needed to hear, the reality of the world around him and the love he had gotten from his parents, that he still had, was real and untainted.
Yet, the fact that he still felt as if something major was missing from him grew stronger and stronger as the years dragged on. It had gotten to the point, or was getting to the point that he’d end himself soon. Not being able to deal with the loss and grief that were eating him up and making him this pathetic crazed version of a man he’d never been allowed to grow to be.
Maybe that’s what he was experiencing now? Maybe this was life after death.
Mike didn’t know how long he sat there for, just looking into the abyss, thinking about his life, contemplating nothing, while reliving moments that meant everything to him, as it stood for nothing.
Whatever he was in seemed to be moving, shifting against time and… well, space in a way that made no sense to Mike, and yet clearly was a forward motion. Colours and shapes came into view and moved away at a steady pace, giving him time to take his feel, love and to grieve a moment as it started to disappear into nothingness, like all things did when they weren’t in your line of sight.
Something itched at Mike’s shoulder blades, he wasn’t sure what it was, and even as he thought about the weirdness of the feeling, he was sitting up straighter, looking around, and catching the eyes of a massive—
“Holy fuck!” he startled at the sight of…of… he wanted to say man. Mike wanted to call him a man more than anything else in the world. His mind latched onto it, made it all make sense while he knew it didn’t, because even though it had similarities to his own self, what he was looking at couldn’t really be a man at all.
Tall wide and a weird brown red tone colour, his anatomy was trying hard to be human like, and it was failing in all sorts of ways Mike wasn’t sure he could ever truly describe, not with his own mind latching onto the part of him that was the same as himself and making the rest just… fit.
It had two arms and two legs, and the way he stood there staring back at Mike, in… well, Mike wasn’t sure what the look was, and he wasn’t sure if that was because of the odd shaping of his angular face or the colouring. Or he’d never seen that look directed at him before which meant he couldn’t name it. Maybe all three, it had him feeling oddly uncomfortable, in a way that had him moving closer, when he should be moving away. Had his body heating up and his clothing feeling a little too tight for his body.
Mike wanted to rub up against the man, and he’d almost convinced himself he wasn’t really here enough that he’d be willing to crawl over to the… man, and give him everything he wanted.
That strong chest rose up, widening in a way that chests just didn’t do where he was from, and yet he was already starting to get used to it, even if he’d never seen anything like it before.
That body seemed to shutter in on itself as it looked at Mike, taking him in, he believed, but Mike wasn’t sure in what way.
“Who are you? Where am I?” Mike said, his voice soft, insecure around this massive beast of a man. He was hoping it was self-preservation making him sound so small and not a number of other possibilities, but he was afraid he’d completely, utterly lost his mind.
The giant turned his head to the side, a cock of his chin, Mike thought the movement was called, but he wasn’t really thinking about the grammar or his thoughts, when in front of him stood something so utterly terrifying from both the size of him and the amount of lust that his presence was shooting though Mike.
His gesture was soothing, so familiar, allowed Mike to see him more as a human than whatever he was, but as soon as he took a step forward, one large arm coming forward, reaching for Mike, he cringed back, falling off the bed he’d been sitting on.

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