Tuesday 13 January 2015

What’s Up This Week

The plan this week…. The plan…
Yeah, I have one but god knows if I can remember what that was.
I plan on writing out at least the next 10 flash fiction for my birthday. I want to just finish them up, but what’s the rush, so it’s not going to be a massive problem if I don’t.
I want 30 one for each day, and I’ll get there, even if my attack of conscious is eating at me. You see I stole all the photos I’m using and I don’t know if I should post them, only, well, the flashes won’t work without them…
I’m going into chats with both NJ Nielsen and April Kelley. We are around the end stage with NJ and I’m at the beginning with April. It’ll be interesting, and I can’t wait to dive in, though like NJ and I, which we started sometime last year to write this year. April and I won’t expect this book to come out until early 2016.
I’m also finished my Moonlit Wolves 7, and I know I know I’ve been saying that now for nearly 6 months, but it’s calling to me – nah, but it needs doing to I can send it off and write m-preg, which I really wanna do!!!
So that’s that
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