Thursday, 26 February 2015

Characters Character #4

This week is Tim’s week from Forever with My Werewolf
I’ve mentioned before, haven’t I, that I don’t give my characters full backstories. All I learn about them is what I put into the book, which is saying you know what I do. Which is why I don’t actually know there last names, they are nameless, they are just, them, what you see, and maybe a little more
I ramble, it’s a problem.
I believe I mentioned before, that the Moonlit Wolves series are paranormal tropes. I had a problem with reading them, they irritated me so much and because of that my head turned on me. I can’t bitch if I can’t do any better, right, so here’s my ‘any better’ tho honestly can’t really say one way or another
Tim starts running for his life. he just took a lovely trip into the woods with his lover – or as soon as his 18, so technically boyfriend, and the man turns into a werewolf. Like a 1980’s werewolf, scary as fuck.
So like all sane people he run’s.
This is the one thing I wasn’t completely convinced about, the start of this story was re-written about 3 times, the first had Jex with him, but him and Matt hadn’t even come into the story by this point.
The thing was I had no plans of Tim being kidnapped, it wasn’t something that happened until he feel onto the room, the car pulled up and out came hunters. I didn’t even have a plan to have ‘hunters’ in the first place. I honestly had nothing, but this need to put him in front of a werewolf for the first time, because in the books I’ve read they all act so level headed, or there are others around the talk them down. Or... or... I wanted something that seemed real, because I think, no matter how interment you are, if your lover turns into a fucking werewolf you’re going to run screaming like a little bitch.
And from that the story unfolded. Tim gets kidnapped and book 3 starts to write itself. I actually wrote book’s 2 and 3 together. Going from one to another as the mood sat.
The second thing I always hated was flashbacks. I’m not a fan of them in my books. I have never been a big one. Yeah I can deal but they irritate me, and so, for reasons I can only speculate afterwards, which I have, I was stuck with Tim and Colin separated and not being about to get to them for a whole day, which would have been a really boring story.
So there history came into light.
It’s one of those things you get when you put in established couples, I love writing about those, because I always second-guess myself, but that’s for another story
So we needed there past, and I think I did an okay job with it. I don’t think I’m any better than anyone else as I have esteem problems I’m trying to work on, but of a whole the story came out better than I would have hoped for.
And if you can’t see I’m more into the story itself, the characters… they aren’t talking to me anymore (I’m to stressed, lol) and so this is what you get, hope it’s enlightening

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