Tuesday, 24 February 2015

We are moving house!

Yeah, so I many have mentioned this before, a hand full of times, but this week is moving week. I will be paying bond today and signing the lease tomorrow afternoon (no one’s missing time off work – or at least much) and then we’ll be moving in, trying to get everything from our old house into our new one in a couple of hours, all the while fighting the sun.
So as you can probably tell, I’m trying not to stress while stressing, as well as frantically clearing the last place we are moving from, because we only have until Saturday to hand back the key.
But enough about this, who cares really, it’s just real life and all, lol
My heads been full of annoyance.
It’s actually a good kind of annoyance, one that I’m trying to figure out if it’s got ground or not, because at the end of the day, most of my ideas, tho I’d love to finish them, end up in the waste land of projects-to-be-finish.
I’ve been thinking about writing a serial series. Something short and easy, that all full of sex and fun.
I believe the idea has come from the fact that all I’m reading at this moments are those types of stories that I just want to jump in and write one.
On the other hand, I’d really like to write a teen story, you know one that’s full of magic and unbelievable horrors that always seems to land on this one person’s head.
Which brought me to the point of conning them.
But do people want to want to read that.
Do teens wanna read a short serial of books about unbelievable actions that happen and are taken care of in one short story
And then my head goes – wait a minute lady, you have 3 m-preg to finish, a short for a book to come out of you birthday. A November book to research and write. A dragon/gargoyle short to write and something for Christmas, not to mention you need to write you Valentine horror for next year and the co-author book with NJ to write and one with April to start organising
Plus that project you want to get ready for GRL, so when do you think this thought of writing short stories to publish will come in???
Then my heads like, well, I could scrap my idea of the birthday book, and I could write 4 or 6 of the serial series with one publishing a week through my birthday month (which is quite an idea, even if I say so myself) and then I can just write this short I want to write for something else. Or not at all, maybe push it off to next year (I really like the idea of this story, just so you know, but one of the characters scares the shit outta me, not because he’s scary but because he’s mega camp)
And with all this my m-preg (should start calling this by it’s title, as I’ve got them now) is screaming at me to write, just write, but I’m not there yet. I can’t sit and write anything. I don’t have the time, or I’m so utterly exhausted I can’t even move my fingers to get it all down.
But the characters are there, the story isn’t complete in my head, just giving me bits and piece, letting my see the confections the parts that need figuring out and that would probably have given me a lot of trouble if I was actually write it.
I’m scared of it tho, that I’m not going to get them right. that the story is going to turn stupid, and not at all how I want it.
But that being said, I’m glad there still there. I’m glad it’s still needing to be written, ‘cause it sucks to write something that’s not anything anymore
Anyway, that’s kinda what’s in my head is at the moment, I’ll be back next week with the freshness of being in a new house and a different kind of soreness as I start my exercise schedule. It’s all about keeping my head clear and getting my muscle mass back that I lost over 5 years ago, in the hope that it will stop my back from aching on cold days, and my lungs from crippling me if I shift the wrong way.

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