Tuesday 17 March 2015

Busy Week for Me

So did you hear i released a book yesterday – you didn’t, well here’s everything you need to know, it’s okay, click away, I’ll wait.


What’s been happening?


well, for starters I’ve realised what I wrote on my m-preg was actually as horrible as I thought it was, to cluttered, to… so I’m re-writing it, seeing the whole idea a lot better, which is awesome, now I just gotten get down and do it.


The story idea of the DRitC story is coming along nicely. I have figured out not only the love story but also the start of the plot.

Okay, so I have two ideas of a plot line and I’m not sure which one is going to win out, but they are both running along the same line, and to be honest I’ll probably find out when I write it.


The whole idea is that I write a 7 book serial, with each book being around the 20K mark, though I’m not going to say for sure, we’ll have to see.

I like the idea of having a book a day, especially when the thinking of this series is going to be like a YA only erotic. The thing is I’m not sure if the plot line will run that long, so I might find that it’ll end up a trilogy, or the books won’t be nearly as long as I hope for them.


Again, I probably won’t be able to tell you until I really get into it. Which is meaning you won’t know until I write it out.


I do know that it will start with them having sex and as the serial progresses, it will turn into a triangle that will clear up into a ménage. That’s the plan that’s the love story. It’s the action that I’m a little iffy on.


We’ll get there, as I’m not planning on writing this one until I finish m-preg unless it goes over to the next month which then means I push m-preg aside and write this one.


And lastly May starts my co-writing with NJ Nielsen, real excited about that, can you tell?!


Where am I going to be?


At the moment I’m in the middle of the InnerGoddess St Patrick’s Day blog hop, which you can find here. I was going to add more but I honestly have no idea what else to say. I’ve no releases I can tie to it, but please, click, check it out, there are giveaways, not only from me and for the hop, but from other people involved.


I’m going to be at a St Partick’s Day Book Party. Lots of authors are attending, allowing the event to run for 3 days, which is awesome, and you can find here.

I’m going to be there on the 16th and the 17th at 8-9pm which for those in Sydney Aus, it’s 12-1pm the following day.

Come I’ll chat about the coming books I’ve got, and add a giveaway or two.

and lastly April Kelley and I have created a FB group because of all the page crap that's going on, so if you want to keep in contact without constantly liking something on our page then come join the fun, which you'll find here (you'll also get sneak peeks and first look at everything that comes out of either of us)


And I think that’s it actually, so not a lot of places but still quite busy since it’s coming off a release week.


  1. Happy St Patricks day Bronwyn and congratulations on your new release.


  2. Happy St Patrick's Day💖 Thanks for the opportunity💝 dachshundlady@comcast.net💗