Tuesday 3 March 2015

Lookit Here, the Start of Another Month

Ok so today marks the day the GR MM Romance Groups Don’t Read in the Closet 2015 – Open Road opens up, okay they don’t until I believe 6pm my time, but I went and had a look and got to page 3 before I cried ‘fuck it’ I’ll just go on day 3 and just whatever’s left. Honestly, have no patients for this kinda of shit, I think mostly because I honestly don’t care what I’m writing.
Though I will have to say, I can’t do historical, honestly, I’m not going to lie, I’s stuff that shit right up, and that’s people we put my care after in – I don’t mind history, point me in the direction of the Evolution of Sex and I’m there, in any sex. but I’m not great with numbers and if it bores the shit outta me I ain’t going to do great research and I’m going to fuck it right up.
I’m not great at fantasy, again, I feel this is mostly because it bores me to read it, especially high fantasy, which is the feeling I have with space—maybe more with sci-fi, but hell I’ll give it a shot, and pull it off. I know I can.
I’m not great at humour, or at being humorous on demand, as I’m told I say a whole heaps of funny shit (especially by April as she reads my comments I make through BETA), of NJ when we chat.
But again I’d try, I’d pull it off.
This is also true with BDSM
So with that in mind I called a friend and she found me two stories, one I liked better than the other so at midnight last night (night before…?) I commented and got my pick, yay!
But I think this post is running long enough, I’ll share all those details with you next week.
Next, as I haven’t talked enough already.
On the 12th of March, I’m going to be on WON again, this time talking about ‘Getting Lucky’, I’m not sure how my post will be received, or if it’s truly relevant to the whole shebang, but I wrote it, sent it off.
 I spoke of a time I’m only just realising was something I should shout to the sky again, that I should be happiest about, because I truly got lucky, and who knows what my life would have been like if I hadn’t.
Though I’m already wishing I hadn’t sent it, that I didn’t go deep enough into the issues, but it’s a backstory of me and I think I will always wanted to change and change it, so it’s good I sent it, just regretting it—but not
I’m also going to be chatting for an hour at an event for St Patrick’s Day, the links here. I’m going up at 8pm-9pm (12pm here) I believe. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to be giving away some shit … the links here
And lastly, I hope,
This week I’m going to try my hardest to get my m-preg finished. It’s sitting at just over 5K now, just entering chapter 5. I’m given them sex, I’ve had him sick, I’m made me BETA tear a little and I’m about to head into them meeting back up again.
Anyway, I really want to finish that this week, so next week I’m able to focus on the 3 other projects that need to be finished my March – ok, so only two need to be finished by March but it’ll make August so much simpler if I’m finished all 3 by then.
Those 3 progects are:
·         MM Romance Group Story
·         B’day Story
·         Reissuing My Kevin (this is just re-reading and sending through proofing)
·         Set up all the stories ready for proofing for the project I’ve getting ready with April for GRL
Ok, so apparently 4, that I can think of now…
So you can see, if I don’t finish m-preg through this week, and if it takes a month then I’ve got to do everything else in April, which is actually a lot.
But then again, most of these things can happen while I’m writing both stories so might not be so hard.
We’ll see.
And that brings up to the end of this opening Month post.
Oh, and lastly I signed my blog up for Indgo Marketing blog hop list, so you might get to see a lot of new stuff when they come out, which I’m looking forward to. 

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