Saturday 7 March 2015

#MySexySaturday week 82

Remember the song that has the lyric ‘Kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again, it’s been a long, long time”?

Nope can’t say I have any idea what this means. Sorry, but I don’t. Oh, well, they give us some thought on where their heads are at. I’m going to go with my current WIP, as in I’m literally writing it, trying to finish it so it’s kinda fitting.

This is a paranormal m-preg – male pregnancy if you don’t already know, and this is when they first hooked up, wink wink.

And as an added reminder, this is UNEDITED as I’m still writing first draft.

A calloused finger scrapped at the soft skin under his chin, goose bumps broke from the sensation as his face was lifted up and warm plump lips became his sight. The pause had him shifting his head into a better position, and his eyes dropping closed and then they were on him, hot and smooth, the moulded his own for a long second, as they sunk into the moment.
The music around him stopped, becoming a troupe that was all about the beat of his heart in his pressure points, thumping in his ears. Making him want to push closer, to get naked, as the blood pushed against his skin, sensitising everything at once, allowing him to feel nothing but the hot brush of lips against his own, the slight scrap of whiskers against his upper lip and chin, and then they both took a breath.
Shattering a second of perfection and turning it into tongues, lips, and movement around them as he was surrounded but Shad.
Thick arms wound around him, pulling Ben off his chair and into the deep hollow of Shad’s thighs. Material rub against each other as Ben snaked his arms around the bigger man, feeling the solid muscles in his back shift awkwardly under his fingers, it was weird enough that it took him out of the kiss for a second, making him want to understand what he was feeling.
Ben moved his hands upward, his arms trapped between the cotton of his shirt and the fabric of his wife beater. Fingers bumped against shoulder blades and all the muscle seemed to shift, wave, and move on their own under Ben’s touch before Shad moved forward in his chair, his feet solid on either side of Ben, a hard rod pushed into his lower abdomen scattering any thought inside Ben’s head.
Tongue probed deeper, Shad’s fingers carding through his hair, pulling it slightly, adding a sting that he was quick to ignore for the better angle the man moved him into. His head was lifted, making Ben shift onto his tiptoes, bumping covered cocks together.
A moan ripped out of Ben’s thought, from lust, from protest, both fighting each other, both needed something desperately.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Ben’s Wolf Surprise
(The Second Pack of Cameron #1)

There’s something unsettling to have to tell a one night stand—ok weekend fling—that you’re pregnant with his child, when you yourself are a man, it gets… let’s call it complicated.

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  1. xx - :D That song came from WWII and was the lament of a man meeting up with his love on a short stopover. Not sure if the original lyricist had m-preg in mind when he wrote it... ;)

    1. thanks so much, I was wondering, lol - and probable not, but honestly could have put up anything and I still would have chosen this book, lol (I don't have much to choice from)

  2. I love Mpreg books I can't wait to read it.