Thursday 16 April 2015

Characters Character #6


Classic hunter, who fell in love with his prey, is what we have here.

Craig has been trained, abused, and generally treated like one of the men as his father went crazier and crazier in the hunt to kill all werewolves.

Fortunately for him Craig ran into Phil, a werewolf he wasn’t able to kill

The beast blinked his eyes at Craig and his mind told him to run. He was in trouble. He needed help. He needed to pull the trigger and end the animal’s life.
Those eyes were magnificent.
Oh, God, mate, kill it. Kill it right now!
Eyes of a deep dark colour that Craig couldn’t see, but had a feeling were blue, stared up at him as if it were seeing something—someone—other than Craig. The shock and sadness had him flinching on the inside as he looked down, wanting nothing more than to be that person this beast saw.
Kill it! Now! Before it fucks up your thinking all together.

From this moment Craig started seeing how wrong his father way, though if he were honest with himself, he had probably always had, but the pull to get back to his werewolf made hunting them a whole lot harder.

The thing was, Craig hooking back up with Phil probably wasn’t the best things that could have happened to his werewolf lover. But then, the hunters would have been at there door either way, and though they might have won the battle, they sure as hell wouldn’t have learnt anything.

I love Craig, have ever since he popped into my head. I think because he is ruthless, bloodthirsty and generally doesn’t give a fuck what people think.

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