Friday 17 April 2015

April’s Interlude

I'm so excited for you to read this story. I love these two characters and had a great time writing about them.

It’s here now, yay!! You can find it and all my other books here-Extasy Book Author Page. If you haven't read books 1 & 2 then what are you waiting for.

Moving to a small town isn’t the peaceful experience Andrew Martinez hoped it would be.

Andrew Martinez needed a change. He was sure he’d lose his mind if he didn’t get out of the city. Between living with his mother and sisters, and the stress of his job, he needed a slower pace. The day he moves to small town Pickleville, he meets the prettiest man he’s ever seen. Andrew doesn’t do long term relationships, though.

Kyler and Andrew have one night together and Andrew sneaks away in the middle of the night. The only problem is, for once in Andrew’s life, one night isn’t enough. When a serial rapist starts hurting women, Andrew’s life gets even more complicated than if he’d stayed in the city. So much for a slower pace.


When Andrew came through the door where Brad and Kendrick had just exited, Kyler was more than surprised. “What the hell are you doing here?” So, that was a little crass but Kyler was so shocked that it just sort of fell out of his mouth.
“I could ask you the same thing.” Andrew came to stand in front of him. The only thing separating them was the wooden bar top.
“It’s a bar. I’m having a drink.” Kyler held up his glass.
“You should be in your bed, sleeping.” Andrew looked at him with concern. His accent thickened ever so slightly.
“Oh no, don’t you dare use that sexy accent on me.” Kyler could feel that accent work through his system, every damn time the man spoke to him.
Andrew said something in Spanish under his breath.
“That’s incredibly rude, Andrew. What would your mother say?” Kyler used his most playful voice.
Andrew chuckled, “I supposed she would say it was rude as well. So what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. And since you’re not my therapist, I don’t have to talk to you.” Kyler took a sip of his drink.
Andrew leaned his elbows on the counter bare inches from Kyler’s face.
Kyler sucked in a breath and bent forward in his seat, his ass coming off the barstool. Their gazes met and Kyler thought they were going to kiss.
At the last minute, Andrew cleared his throat and straightened up. “I’m here on police business,” he said, as if reminding himself instead of answering Kyler’s earlier question.
“Well, than I guess I can say I’m here because I’m having a bad night.” He couldn’t exactly tell Andrew that he needed his mommy. Even though he kind of did need his mommy, he was a grown man. And grown men did not admit to such childish things. He especially didn’t divulge it to the man he’d been pining over for the last six months.
“I understand that.”
Kyler took a drink of his whiskey, the burn sliding down his throat and stealing his breath. “You ever feel like you’re gonna be stuck missing someone for the rest of your life?” Kyler asked and took another drink.
“Can’t say that I have. Who’s the guy you miss?” Andrew’s body stiffened up.

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