Saturday 4 April 2015

#MySexySaturday week 86

This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and it’s all about those who have loved another for a long time. This love could have started when they were kids, when they were dating or even from afar. The point is that one character has loved the other for what seems like forever. In some stories, it is forever.

I have 3 stories that can come under this topic, long term lovers, though since 2 of them have been done rather recently, I thought this one would be a good one. Also it’s going through re-editing and re-issuing so it’s on my mind a tad

Hot breath and a tender kiss froze up Jimmy’s insides. His head had cleared to a buzzing that seemed to ring between his ears, however hard he tried to pay no heed to it.
This wasn’t anything different. Not the kiss. It was Kevin’s normal way of getting Jimmy to let go of himself; to let go of the worry and the weight that he seemed to always hold on his shoulders.
This time, it was different somehow, however, and it changed them completely. Since his lips just didn’t leave. The pressure seemed to get harder, and Jimmy wasn’t sure if it was from his side or Kevin’s. It took only a second for wetness to leave a slight slickness on Jimmy’s lips as Kevin took over everything, like he always did, and made Jimmy realise what he’d truly been missing when Kate had kissed him.
What he’d been missing in his life, full stop.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

My Kevin

Life, is what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s who we love.

This is the story of Kevin and me; I’m Jimmy. Our story is not long, and it’s not complex. It’s not something to cry over, and it’s certainly not something to moan about. Our story is simple, and I feel like I have been blessed, being able to grow, live, laugh, and love with the one person I was meant to be with.
It has been that way for as long as I can remember.

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