Saturday 18 April 2015

#MySexySaturday week 88

This week’s theme is Sexy’s Got You, Babe and is based upon the old Sonny and Cher song, I’ve Got You, Babe. This is all about the lovers who are always there for each other. Rent’s due, no money yet they have each other; life’s throwing them a curve ball, they have each other; job expectations aren’t panning out yet they still have each other

I’m choosing mine from a side story in my Moonlit Wolves series, it’s called Aftermath with Tim, and its weeks later after what happened to him though there book, it also shows them being together no matter what

“This has gotta stop,” Colin said from next to him.
They were on a double bed now, Tim wasn’t sure if it was better or worse. He’s kinda fallen in love with his nights at Colin’s, but since Eamon had entered the equation and most of the boys had left the house, except Phil, Craig, Colin, Matt and Jex. It had made it so they’d all gotten their own room.
“Tim,” Colin said pulling him out of the stupid thought that he somehow thought would make it all go away.
“I’m fine,” he lied.
“You’re not.”
“Please Col, I…” his words turned into a sob.
“Babe,” Colin pulled him into his chest. The hair a welcome ticked against his cheek and noise, home. “We can’t keep doing this.”
“I know,” Tim said after a long while. “But I can’t afford a physiatrist.”
“Wouldn’t your parents help?”
Tim smiled, letting his fingers tickle Colin’s stomach, working his way down his abdomen. He smiled as Col’s cock twitched, becoming longer as he went further down.
“And what would I say I needed on for,” he got up on his elbow, his fingers running against the soft under edge of his hipbone, “Werewolf attack.”

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Forever with My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #2)

Love is never simple especially when you find out your lover is a werewolf.

Running away from his lover after he changed into a werewolf, Tim ended up kidnapped by a group of Hunters. Now it’s up to Colin to bring him back, and make it all up to him. But will Tim be able to forgive him when Colin finally gets him back into his arms?

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