Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday’s Child is

If you haven’t heard AllRomanceebooks have taken down My Outside My Inside. As far as I read from the email, I’m not actually allowed to tell you why, which I find weird, as well, shouldn’t I use that now as a warning?!

Anyway, I now know why it was taken down, and I’m horribly sure that it will come off Amazon as soon as people actually start reading it over there.

I honestly don’t see why they did, but as an author do we ever really. I am still proud of what I wrote, and the way I wrote it, and in all honestly they only thing I can see that I could change would be making sure you knew he was over 18 now.

I honestly didn’t do what they saw, and yet….well, I nudged or gave an illusion that I can understand why it came up.

And now I feel like I’m ranting. I honestly hold nothing against the company. I understand why they took it off, and am grateful for them telling me why, I know it’s more than Amazon would have done. And from the email, I know that they didn’t just take it off because of a flag but that they actually read it. Tho…

No. Breathing in and letting it go, there isn’t anything else I can do about it, so what’s the point in holding it all in.

If you’d wish to see what the fuss is about you can download it at Amazon & Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble (it a free read)

moving on, I’ve just sent back my proofing edits for A Road Worth Travelling. I’m know there will be one more read through, but I’m hoping this one will have settled everything and you all will be able to read it sometimes after 1st of June, though I’m not sure when, I think that info will come when the last edits comes through.

I’m nervous as hell about this story going out. I think it’s great, but more so I think it’s an awesome start to a series, in a way that no one should be able to really bitch at me for getting them so invested they have to buy the next one.

Saying this it means I’ve left a few things out, not built up a few of the plot characters. I focused more on them.
I will be heading back into that area. I’ll make them real characters. Basically the second book will start at the last character and then end again where the epilogue ends. I think it should leave out cliff hangers that would be there if I just ran it in complete order.

Next on my plate is finishing off my Moonlit Wolves anthology, which I’m hoping will get a title sometime in the next week. It’s actually going to be one of my giveaway prizes, for the week, so if you want to join in, click here

Then I need to re-read my short stories and get them ready for a editing and proofing around the end of July, maybe august, as well as Being That For You, which I want to run through editing around the same time, as that will be an November release so the sooner I get that done the better

Then, when all that’s said and done I can start writing because that’s what I want to do. the plan was to start writing for 2016 in September, but I’m itching to start, so I want to be ready for that to happen in June.

Saying this, as long as I have things set out I can write and re-read over the next couple of months.

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