Tuesday 2 June 2015

And Into Another Month

Yay, it’s my birthday month—hell, it’s my birthday week as on Sunday. Always very excited about my birthday, even if I’m at an age when people are happy to just push the parties (family dinner) aside for other things.

It’s been a while but I thought I’d start this month with a catch up/what I’m doing post

Past months

May wasn’t a very productive month for me, mostly I think because I spend April in full writing mood, and so I was just happy to be exhausted and just do little things.

So as you know in April I finished my first m-preg book (Ben’s Wolf Surprise), which was edited in May and ready for the 1st of September release (at least I believe that’s still the date)

I also finished part on of A Road Worth Travelling, which I also edited through the month, it will come out sometimes, after 1st of June, I believe. I’m not completely sure if it’s finished, last I heard it was heading into last proof reading.

I also finished, I hope my Moonlit Anthology (Moonlit Escapades) which is with my beta at the moment and then I’ll just have to give it a read through and then send it off. I’m hoping for a December release on this one as that’s what it’s from.

Other than that, I’ve beta read 3 stories, and that’s about it.

Future Month

I’m hoping to start writing this month. It’s nearly 3 months before I said I would, but that just ain’t working for me. I need to write. So I’m going to go with writing and re-reading.

I think I really need to choose a ‘re-reading’ day or I won’t touch them, and at least 2 really need it before I go for editing. But I haven’t picked the day yet. Maybe Friday…

Maybe re-read through the day write at night, which seems to be the one that I actually do it. I find it real difficult to write during the day.


I’m going to start with Taking a Stand, which is my were/vamp erotic romance – its 2K in and it’s ringing so loud in my head

Then I’m hoping to move onto finishing A Road Worth Travelling

I am hoping to start writing a short erotic series with a P about a Swingers Party, which will be fun

And there is where I … we’ll I’m not sure what will be next. I’m writing for 2016 now so whatever comes out that’s fine.

At least I feel like I’ve accomplished something in the first half of the year, even if it feels like I haven’t. but I have, and I might do a post on that, even if it’s just so I can really SEE what it is I have done.

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