Tuesday 30 June 2015

Busy Busy Little Bee

Today is the start of the school holidays for us in Australia. This means 2 weeks of children at home, and a hope that I can finish all I plan to finish.

You see my kids are quite independent, as long as I’m somewhere they can come to, they’ll be happy to do their own thing and leave me to sleep. This is great when it’s rainy but I’m hoping above hope that it will be two weeks of sunshine.  

Even though it’s going to be cold as, especially when at the park we’ll be visiting all week, I’ll rug myself up, take some food and hopefully get some good chunks of writing in.

At a min I can write about 2-3K in one sitting, as I’m forced to sit, it just depends how fast it comes and how cold it is. But in all honesty on the min I want 8K written over these two weeks, plus a few other things.

So here’s what I want to write

An Alphas World: Deep in the Woods

This one I want to submit to a charity anthology which means it needs to be finished by September and I’m not sure if I need to edit it first or not, so I’m planning on the need editing.

I need to start this one

An Alphas World: Taking A Stand

This series is more like a stand-alone series in one world, the only reason this will be number two is because it’ll be published second, and yet… well it will depend on whether on not –anyway.

Am 3.3K into already

They are both paranormal erotica that are dark and dirty

Series: Outside Sanity

This is my sci-fi, it won’t be published until January, but because it’s in my head now, and it’s short I thought now would be a good time to add it.
I’m hoping for angst erotica

I need to start this one

THEN I need to re-read and get ready for editing/proofing

Something Said
My Outside My Inside
Gotta Started Somewhere
Being That For You

and that’s it, I’ll come back at the end of the hols and tell you want I managed to do

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