Tuesday 9 June 2015

Tuesday, What’s Up

I’m sitting here on a Sunday night watching Mastercheif trying to figure out what to do this post on.

So I’m sure you can tell by now I have nothing.

This week is pretty simple and yet cyanotic for me.

I want to finish reading the short stories for me Moonlit Wolves Anthology and have that sent off.

I want to finish writing Taking a Stand, I’ve got one last sex scene (it’s a bit on tho), a fight scene, and then the end paragraph. It kinda means I have the REST of the story to write but at least I know what I need to do, and so it’s all about sitting my arse down and writing.

I want to do a read through of all my shorts for the GRL anthology as well as get another part worked out. I really want all the above done

THEN I have to second drafts of Being That For You done so that I can start looking for an editor. The thing is I need one for the one above as well, and I thought it would just be good to get them all done together rather than separately. At least then it’s done.

The thing with that is April’s parts isn’t due until August, and I’ll have to get them edited, but saying that I think if I do mine now and then get to her’s after it’s not as much, and then I can just put it all together and have a proof reader read the whole thing together.

It’s something I need to think about. And find.

Anyone out there know of a good editor??

One of my biggest problems with an that is I really would like to find a full time editor for me. and I don’t mean they only work for me, but that I can put all my stuff throw them, only I write such different things. And I don’t mean the way, but I go from soft gooey lovey dovey to hard erotica to weird horror, and I’d just like one person for it all

But I’m sure I’ll find one, it’s not like I cannot find one, I need it desperately as my old one just isn’t available anymore.

Anyway, busy month and I want it all down by them. I think I can do so, I’ll re-read through the day and write at night, because from this point on I need to get myself through a book a month so that I can actually get in front like I wanted to. and what the plan was when I decided I was only publishing 6 things this year (tho that has changed to 7)

Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble

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