Tuesday 21 July 2015

Another Week Is Here

*sigh* sometimes you just wonder why you bother…

Then you remember that you don’t care. Okay, well you will always care, but it’s nice to tell yourself that you don’t and then move on.

I’m getting a solid 3 star on my last release. I’m thinking that’s a good sign, it’s an erotica, so clearly mostly it’s only sex in the bush. It’s the start of a serial, and therefore can understand the middle range reviews. Hell, I think getting a 3 star is pretty good, it’s clearly a decent read before they get to the cliff hanger.

This week I’m doing read through to get two books ready for editing. One will get send off as soon as it’s done, the other will have to wait until I get money, though I’m hoping to have it no later than September, as I want it done in plenty of time.

For file purposes, the books are 

I also have to write up blurb for both stories, which I’m not looking forward too. One because I didn’t think I’d have to this early on.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to, what about you???

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