Tuesday 28 July 2015

Here’s the Deal – or more so, just hearing myself talk

July is down – you see the deal in my head is that I need to write at least 1 book a month for next year, that way I’ll have a def of 6 books coming out next before the ones I add in (aka Charity stories)

Once Taking A Stand off to my editor means that July is done and I’m free to do what I wish.

On the other hand, I have made a deal with myself (with the help of a friend) that when I’ve done my quota on what I want to write this year (for next) I’ll be able to go on a reading binge, though for the life of me I can’t remember who I’ll be reading. It’s either AE Via or… shit, honestly have completely forgotten. The woman has a LONG list of books I just have to read

Then I’ve decided it’s really gotten to a point where I need to stop buying books, or at least pause a wee bit and actually read some of the older ones.

I get this way every so often *cough-cough* when my main TBR shelf on iBooks starts to get a little crowded – and I have 3 of them, 3! and they are all very full.

So before I go through another buying spree, I have to read 20 of my TBR books.

Oh, man I haven’t even gone through the MM Romance groups freebies for the year yet. Need to do that …

Here’s the thing. The thing that will probably change because I’m flaky that way. I’m thinking that I need to make a schedule, a way that I’ll get my writing done.

I use to have, read through the day work at night, but I haven’t been able to pick that back up again. I’m not really sure why but my days are… maybe I’m just depressed or just that close that I’m always dropping over. ‘Cause I do nothing, ALL DAY, and it’s not good. It needs to change.

So first up I think I’m going to start, or try doing the read a book during the day, which will bring down my TBR count which will allow me to start buying books again.

The second is that I’m going to do a book and then a week off reading, which is normally what I do, but instead of being just random, I’m going do a ‘novel’ read, where I spend the week reading, well, novels. If you know me, then you’ll know I’m don’t read them, not because I don’t want to, but because they take me so bloody long and more then not I’ll get to about the 100 page mark and think “And that’s the end” only there’s like well, 2 to 300 more pages!!

I don’t hate novels, I am just a short story writer and so when I get to a point, that’s the end for me, and then rest… well it’s just words.

Maybe I should write a post on that.

Maybe I’ll wait until I’m actually writing my middle grade stories.

It’s a fun idea I have. I’m hoping to start it in the second half of 2016. This will mean me trying to write 2 50-60K novels and at least 6 6-10K short stories. Under a different name, and I’d really like to re-write, clean up and get an old novel I wrote done too. Because the fun thing about going to middle grade and into more mainstream is that it’s more acceptable to only publish one book a year, so therefore if I can get all that read, that’s 3 years done. 

Anyway, that’s the plan and I’ll talk more about that when I’m actually writing them as it’s all about all I’ll be focused on in that time. so look forward to that.

Anyway, it’s about time to actually get a schedule. Get one-half of my life in order and maybe my mood will settle a bit.

Anyway I’m not really sure I made any sense, so sorry for that

Main point I sent off An Alphas World 1 to edits.

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