Tuesday 11 August 2015

Change of Plans

Let’s talk M-PREG for a moment. Or I should call it what it is, Second Pack of Cameron, because – no, that’s for later.

For the first week of August I have been thinking that RL has been the problem with my creativity. And in some ways I’m sure it hasn’t helped. But I don’t think that’s the real problem.

The problem is that I have been struggling to figure out how to start book 2: Wolf’s Desperate Mate.

At first, I thought it was the order the two books were in. but even switching book 3: Something in the Water, with book 2 didn’t give me any answers.

They are the same book, both needing extensive courting for two separate reasons. And I…well it’s m-preg I want it to be more about the pregnancy then the courting, tho…well, I’m not real sure how to make that interesting, until I add in the fact that the courting won’t be stopping just because of the pregnancy. Hell, I think it’ll become a little more intense, trying to struggle with…well I don’t know, but I want this one to have babies. I want it to have courting to an extent. I want it to be m-preg not just a romance that happens to have a baby at the end of it.

To be honest if I go with them now they won’t even be that way to the end.

So instead, I’m slotting in a book between them. It’s the first time I’ve done this in a series. Book 2 will be Ben and Shad as well.

I had no thought in doing it this way when I wrote book 1. That to me was it, and then you’d get there story a little bit at a time throughout the other two books.

I did have a thought on trying to put someone else in, but that would mean bring in a new couple when things were just so unsettled. When the who’s and how’s and what’s weren’t really spoken about.

And then it hit me, I could just use Ben and Shad again, that way I don’t need set anything up. or at least not the characters. I can have a bitch pregnant man, a new environment for a hug bunch of people and 4 other characters that need to work a few things out before their books can really get going  

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