Tuesday 18 August 2015

What’s Happening Now

It’s another week and I have writing about 1K on the wrong story, lol

The thing is that I actually figured out the plot on the one I was writing. it took me nearly 1K to get to that point but at least now all I need to do is write it out. 

So An Alphas World 2: Deep in the Woods, is on its way. I’m going to try for a 10K again but I’m not going to push it as they are full erotica’s I can only really give what the scenes prevent and so far and if that last sex scene fits or not.

Also it’s not coming out as dark as I first hoped. I’m not sure if it’s just me knowing the plot now, that makes it have a lighter edge, or if I just can’t really write that dark. However, I’m going with the first and honestly, it’s probably a better thing. I think this one will get a better as the darker I go the more triggers and things people won’t like will be in it.

This way it should just be a hot little story that holds a hit of something that might be predictable, but then maybe it’s not a bad thing. 

Moving onto Second Pack of Cameron 2: Tentative Steps Forward

I’m contemplating this one deeply. Like I said last week I made a new book, this one needs to have like 3 different stories interlocked with each other. it needs to have a history of why they got pregnant and maybe even a how it’s possible, like physically –but this one might actually happen a little later in the series because I just not sure if when males were able to fall pregnant that they would have actually had the power or heart to work it out.

It was a loooong time ago.

So maybe have to wait on that for a little later in the series when a doctor gets pregnant (wink wink) but really will depend on what happens though the book and what they actually uncover.

My thought right now is that I’d write this book in two parts.

Part one being in the POV of Ben as he struggles with pregnancy and a new mate who seems to always be somewhere else.

Daniel and his past while he courts his mate—or is he?

And Matt as he tries to get his mate to actually mate with him

Part two will be where the books all branch off – the rest of book 2 will continue with Ben and Shad, but this point will also be where Books 3 and 4 start.

But I’m still not sure… it will mean that part 1 won’t have Shad’s head into it, which works for me at the moment as he’s not talking. He doesn’t want to.

Anyway, that’s where my heads at now, probably will change next week, its a long way off.

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