Saturday 26 September 2015


Week 111 with Sexy Today  

“God, that was good.” Brad grinned as he lifted himself off Kyle. No matter how good it was, he needed to stand up.
Kyle’s legs needed some rest, too.
Brad let himself fall to the ground, followed by Kyle, as they seemed to sprawl on the bathroom floor.
“Yeah…” Kyle’s smile was very soft. Almost telling Kyle’s love for him in that one moment. “Good.”
Brad laughed. It was sudden, and because he hadn’t caught his breath yet, it made him cough a little.
Yeah, he smiled back, knowing he was mirroring Kyle. It was fucking awesome.

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A Werewolf’s Howl
(Moonlit Wolves #5)

Déjá vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time, so he can keep the only man he ever loved?

Standing over another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back. He’d seen this before, year ago, when everything turned to shit.
Brad was in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mate’s murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agreed a little too easily.
But it was an excuse to run into the one man he’d been pining over for too long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head, Brad isn’t sure. However, as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.
Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friend’s life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnection they both so desperately need?

Note: it’s highly recommended that this series to be read in order.

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