Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Scheduling 2016

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last week and I thought I’d allow you to see where my heads at. I know some of you won’t be happy but the thing is I’m only planning on publishing 6 books a year. This isn’t to say more wont pop in but as I think to the future 6 is the number I’ve come up to

In January I plan on releasing Outside Sanity which is from Encounter Space series. I also plan on re-releasing the first book.

I have a plan to always publish a book in this series around the same date each year, which does mean if you’re a fan you’re only getting one a year.

In Feb I will be publishing a co-written story for a Valentine’s Day release, though the date is still up for debate

March I want to publish m-preg. This will most likely be on the 1st as that’s how extasy works. I can’t schedule this too much all I can do is ask for a no earlier than March release when I submit it (and I don’t see why they wouldn’t give me this)

I have a plan on trying to get a book from this series published every 3 months. But I’m at a point that if that can’t happen I will try even harder to have one released every March and September each year. I think that’s an okay space, though I know fans might have something else to say. but don’t we always.

I will try to get No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss out in June as a birthday release, but it’ll depend on how things work.

Taking A Stand will come out next year, but I’m submitting it to a charity that asks for a 6 month wait before we publish it ourselves. Which means I can’t schedule it until I know when that’s being published.

I am sorry to say but you are looking at an August release for that one.

Saying this depending on what else I write, you might not get another book in this series until 2017 (this all depends on when I write it and how I am at writing other stuff)

July will be the release of the MM Goodreads group story and I plan on being in that as well next year. (this book isn’t in my 6 books)

Again Sept should be another m-preg, it’s at least the hope.

Oct or November will be the last book released, it will depend on which book will be written and when
·         An Alpha World will be is I haven’t written anything else
·         An October release will mean I’ve written Long Way Home
·         November release will be a November book has been written (though I doubt it)

I also need to finish ARWT which will be going in there somewhere. Mostly I’d say instead of Biggy.

The thing is I’m trying to write for 2 years rather than only thinking of the just one, which I’m only thinking of the one, lol, confusing, yeah my head’s not having fun with it either, which is why I decided to write this see what I have.

Also I’ve put a post it note on my computer desktop with a counter, so I’ll know when I’ve hit my mark and when I need to start another round of scheduling.

Just so we are clear this isn’t a real line, please don’t take full notes, up until Feb we are def a go, but everything after that is about see what I write and when.

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