Tuesday 8 September 2015

Tragically Tragic

Over the last week and this one coming I’ve been waiting for that phone call. You know the one that will tell my Pop has stopped living.

Not much has happened lately. Okay, I’ve made it to 10K on m-preg2.
Here’s the thing, I know for sure that I’ve got, probably another 5 to 10K left to write the end of it. That number will depend on how much I want to put into the romance part. Which I’m hoping is a lot. I want to make this a mating more than lusting.

I am also going to put in at least 2K of birth and baby at the min. plus I’ve also going to give an explanation of how it’s possible. I’m worried about this one mostly because it’s graphic and it explains it all.

I’m a little worried about that part. I think it’s going to … become a problem, not only because it speaks of things people don’t want to think about but its also at the end of the book, and so it’s one of the last bits of information I’ll be giving you.

Saying this, I’ve thought long and hard about it and I’m just going to run with it. I’m going to put in the unpleasantness because that’s what pregnancy is. It’s what life is.

There is also the thought that I might end up putting a glossary into this series. Not only explaining key points but adding a short list of who’s who so I don’t have to explain it every book. I’m not really sure if it’s something that will be needed, but it’s a thought. Maybe a quick guide, that way you won’t have to read the same information every time.

Saying this, once we get past book 5, and I’ve already had thoughts on book 6, we get back into the not knowing what’s going on stage. So maybe a mention of a book the guys could be starting to make, and I add that to each book.

This might not become something that happens, I’m not sure if the publisher will like the idea and at the end of the day they have final say. Which would bring me into making a little guide book…so should I just do that instead…?? A free little book that tells you all the information you need to know. Adds family trees…it’d be one that would have to be updated regularly… maybe I could go less and make up a blog for it…have dairy entries…but then do I have the time and patients to do that… maybe the guide book would work better… I’ll think on it, get back to you. no matter what it won’t be coming out until after book 5 is published, there’s no point putting it up early, is there….

Erg! Sorry, it’s how I am when thinking up new ideas….

As well as all that, I am also going to be adding in weekly content into the book. I having yet because I was going to put it in where I am now only to have the story speed up on me, so I’ll have to go in and add it all. meaning that this book will most likely be the longest in the series, and it will also be about 3 couples instead of just one. I was always going to be, but I’m thinking of adding content that is outside of Ben. Maybe have a sex scene or two with the different couples, depending on what level they are yet.

So what am I saying? Tentative Steps Forward actually is a great title for this story because that’s what it’s going. It’s establishing the relationships of 3 couples.

What else.

I’m waiting on edits to come in for Taking A Stand. As well as estimates on Being That For You.

I’m also working on paperback and bundle covers for April Kelley’s paranormal series. I’m sure she’ll be showing them off soon.

And I’m getting things organised for the funeral for my Pop, because he will be dead soon, it’s just a matter of when.

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