Tuesday 6 October 2015

Its Another Month So Let’s Update

Ok, here’s the run down on what’s what. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and a busy month to come but I’m feeling good about stuff – lots of crossed off items on my to do list.

First we’ll talk about the past.

I finished off the edits of Taking A Stand and send that off to the anthology call. I’m not sure when I’ll know if it’s in or not, but I got an email back from them. First I thought it was a receipt of them getting the submission as a few sites that I’ve been on have done that. However this one spoke more of wait for more submission before they’d be able to tell us a date.

So have they already accepted it? (it was a few hours afterwards…) are they accepting them all? Or was that just to let me know they’ll wait for the end and then send them off the editor chief who will decide?

Either way I’ll either get an email telling me what’s happening or one telling me the date, lol.

UPDATED NOTE: I looked on the site and they have moved the anthology closing date to the 30th of Dec which has me, well, kinda pissed. We worked so hard in such a short period of time to make the cut off only for them to change it, the day (or 2 days pirer) to submission closing! Saying this the book will be release in either April or August 2017. I will update you with the info in the next couple of months, when I know what’s going on with everything else.

Next I finished book 2 in the Encounter Space series. It’s just over 9K and I think it turned out pretty well. I honestly can’t wait for it to run it’s turn through edits and for you guys to read it.

It’s much more contemporary sci-fi then the first one was and though they are on a space ship. They will all most likely be on the spaceship as I’m not writing anything longer than a 10K story in this series.

Book 3 and 4 will link more than any other books in the series. The next one isn’t going to have human’s in it at all, which to me is going to be interesting all on it’s own. However he is going to be bring a human to them, hence book 4.

But that’s neither here nor there until sometime next year and the year after as, well, I’m only publishing one a year. 

But enough of that let’s move onto what’s happening in October.

First off over on BonyDee blog (click link at the top of the blog) is having a weekly run of flash fiction, every Tuesday, hope you’ll click over there and look, though if you were at my Birthday Bash you’ll find you’re seeing double.

Also a few cover reveals which as pretty so worth sticking around for.

I’ve also created a banner and badge as well and April Kelley listing Proofreading services and as starting up our marketing side.

In writing I’m working on 2 stories through this month

The first one being a story I’m co-writing in a way with April Kelley, we are hoping for a Valentine’s Day release and can’t see why that won’t happen as we are only waiting on my half of the story to be finished. I’m going to try and do over this week and then April needs to write in an epilogue and walla it’s off the beta’s and then into edits.

That’s called The Way life Turns.

Then I want to finish off m-preg—oh sorry Second Pack of Cameron 2: Tentative Steps Forward. Which is at least half way done I just need to go in and fill up the start and then I’ll be able to write the end.

Saying this, as it sits it’s at 13K and I have a good 5K of info I can add into the beginning though I believe I’m going to have to re-write a big chunk, even if I’m not sure how it’s going to work. And I have at least that at the end, if not more, plus a good 2K of baby time.

Anyway as it is I want both of them finished by the end of the month because, well I need to finish 6 stories and I’ve only finished 2 so lots of work to get through.

For November I’m planning on writing the complete A Road Worth Travelling story I want to go in and fill in the start make it more than boys fucking in the bush but actually give them a fighting chance, and then ending it. I was going to in parts but honestly don’t think there’s enough story for that. Or there could be but I’m not a novel writer (yet).

And then…well it’s back into Second Pack of Cameron: Wolf’s Desperate Mate where I’m going to write book 3 and I’m done for my publishing year in 2016 other then the Goodreads MM book which I can’t write until like April.

And….that’s all for me this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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