Friday 23 October 2015

Need a Moment (and new story idea)

I’ve not been feeling the greatest over this last week. Not getting motivated for the things that I couldn’t wait to write. Got a new idea that so effing complicated I can’t even being to understand where to start.

I’m going to learn to upload my books at kobo and google play. I don’t know if they are important places to be but I have wanted to branch out a little from where I publish now and really the point of being with ARe and Smaswords was because I don’t like Amazon and if I hate authors that are exclusive because I simply won’t be able to ever read them then I was never going down that road. But I’m leaving out certain areas and I want to fill them up.

So tomorrow, if I remember that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ll link them all and such when I have everything

April Kelley and my collection is on iBooks and I believe in Banes and Noble, I can’t link them up as I’m not on my main computer so please forgive if you are reading this before I update.

I am writing a new story, it’s called…well at the moment Nothings Easy it’s a Master and Slave BDSM though I’m not sure what other kinks are involved or if there are.

This one is a May December and about legal action against them, the brother wants all the money and he’s taking the December/Slave to court to get it.

What is hard about it? like simple story I know, but I really want to get into the legal action of this one. the idea of being a same sex couple is like in Australia too, because we aren’t free yet and I honestly believe we are further behind then I want to know.

I want to also write a little about the dynamics of an older relationship one that’s has the very classic Man holds the money worries about the bills kind of thing, and what happens when you lose your husband, your master and how the hell are you meant to move one. Do you even want to? Only my slave needs a master even if he doesn’t end up loving the guy he needs something because he actually works and his work can get him lost and make him lose endless days. He needs someone to look after him.

And yeah I’m being vague for a reason.

I’m at the point where I’m not sure if I need to write it out first and then re-write after the research but I’m not use if I’m the type of person that can do that.

Not only that I have 3 books at a min that I MUST write before the years out one I want to try and push 50K tho I’ve already written 13.

I like the idea and I think it’ll be a story that I shit myself the whole way writing it and then when it’s ready it will make me nervous because there is more than just the legal side of things that I don’t know if I’m able to write.

How am I meant to write the voice of an older gay gentleman who has spent 25 years of his life as his partners slave boy?

Tho I’m sure I’ll do it, I’m sure it’ll be fine and I hope all the same because Its getting written I just can’t take the time out to do it now, and now is when it’s riding me, so….shit.

Anyway, that’s all just needed to chat, and oh, yeah, he’s the cover art for it. What you think???

Art by Bronwyn Heeley, subject to change

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