Friday 4 December 2015

April's Interlude

This week's excerpt comes from a short story I’m revamping. I had a cover made so that I could have some small books made of the story. I loved the cover so much that I decided to rewrite the story and finish it they way it deserves.

WIP Excerpt

Tanner hadn’t been that attracted to someone since the day he met Adam. It left him a little out of sorts, so much so that he didn’t hear Adam come into the barn until he felt arms around his waist. He startled just enough for Adam to feel it.
“Okay, what’s up with you? You’ve been home for ten minutes already. Usually you come give me a kiss when you get back. And you never startle. You have the ears of a cat.”
Tanner could play this one of two ways. He could tell Adam that it was nothing, in which case, Adam would say, “Just tell me”. Then Tanner would say he was fine. Adam would know he was lying and get all pissed off. Dinner would be silent, but they would probably make up sometime in the evening. The make-up sex would be awesome, though. Making love to Adam was always his most favorite thing to do.
Or he could just tell Adam what had gotten his blood so hot, or rather, who got his blood so hot. This approach, while the most honest, wasn’t predictable at all. But Tanner wasn’t a cheater, not even in his mind, and it looked like sexy little Isaac would be their neighbor. Tanner would be around the guy again and it would look suspicious if he avoided the guy.
Tanner turned in Adam’s arms. He kissed Adam once and then hugged him close. “I met our new neighbor. Nelson’s grandson. He’s fucking hot. Being that attracted to someone other than you, threw me off a little.”
Adam pulled back and waggled his eyebrows. “Ooh, now I want to see.”
Tanner chuckled. “We can pay him a visit later if you want.”
“Yeah, I need to get a good look at the guy that made you human.”
“You’re not mad?”
“You just looked, right?”
“Of course. You know I’d never do that to us.”
“Then why would I be mad? You’re ridiculously over exaggerating this. Do you know how many times I look at an attractive man. A lot. It’s normal, my big grasshopper.”
“Yeah, I don’t think you understand just how attracted I was. I felt that exact same thing I did the first time I met you. Like I was staring at the rest of life. Seriously, Adam.”
Adam’s smile faded and his brows came together. “You got all that from meeting someone one time?”
“Yep. You remember when we first met.”
“Yeah, you told me not to bother with any other guy, because you were my future.”
“It wasn’t a line, Adam.”
 Adam cupped Tanner’s cheek and kissed him. “You’re still over thinking it, baby. So your dick got hard when you saw a pretty face. Happens at least once to every married man alive. You’re not condemned to the couch.”
“He didn’t make my dick hard by just talking to him. I’m not eighteen years old anymore.” Tanner rolled his eyes.
Adam chuckled as he let Tanner go, starting out of the barn. “Oh, that’s right. You’ll be forty in six months. I nearly forgot just how old you really are.”
“Why you little shit.”
Adam started laughing as he ran out of the barn. Tanner chased after him. Adam started to slow down when he got to the yard, turning to look back at Tanner. Adam’s blue eyes widened and he laughed hysterically. Adam turned and held out his hands, as if to hold Tanner off.
“So I’m old, huh?”
“Oh yeah, ancient.” Adam chuckled and moved to the side.
“What does that make you then?”
“Younger than you.”
“By only two years.”
“How about later I call you daddy?” Adam grinned.
Tanner laughed. “I love you so fucking much.”

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