Tuesday 8 December 2015

What Has Past & Future

On the weekend my daughter turned 8. Which means it’s been just under 9 years since I quit smoking as I got horrible morning sickness with her for 2 weeks and thought, since I’d been thinking about it before that, and you know how they say it only take 2 weeks for the nicotine to get out of your system. So I quit.

it's also been five years since I've had my operation on my chest and if I was still on the drugs (you know like a normal person would probably be) this is the year they’d start to weed me off the heavier drugs.

But mostly it’s just my babies 8th birthday and that in itself is very cool, and very scary. She’s getting closer and closer to her teen years and I’m really not looking forward to those.

But moving on.

This year I didn’t do everything I wanted to do when I started.

I wrote one things this year that I wanted to write and nothing else and that was my m-preg. Go figure.

Ok, ok, I may have done more of what I said before, but I can’t find the list of my wish I wrote 2015 list so that’s all it is.

I have learnt that I cannot co-write with either NJ or April, not in the way we’d have hoped. This isn’t to say NJ and I … well life just got in the way and we haven’t really picked it back up, yet. However, NJ’s and April has very similar writing styles and unfortunately mine doesn’t even come close. I will hope for our series to still be written, maybe NJ will be happy to write in the same series like April and I are planning. Because, I tell you, I want to write in the series NJ and I created, it’s awesome.

Ok, so I have this post-it note up on my laptop, I will write this list and them create a new one

A Road Worth Travelling
Second Pack of Cameron 2: Tentative Steps Forward
Christmas At Home

these will be published in 2017 or 2018

Second Pack of Cameron 3: Wolf’s Desperate Mate
Ashes & Roses
Encounter Space 3: Irritating Outsider
Second Pack of Cameron 4:  Something In The Water
Alphas World 2: Deep Into The Woods
Second Pack of Cameron 5: [unnamed]
No Biggy It’s Just A Kiss
Long Way Home
A Home For Chrissy
Encounter Space 4: Fleeting Sanity
Alphas World 3: [undecided]

I also plan on writing McGee side of my writing, which holds 4 books, 2 re-writes

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