Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Release Day Blitz: Buy Guys

Buy Guys by RP Andrews
Publish 16th of December 2015 by Wilde City Press
Contemporary Mystery/Suspense/Triller Romance
Heat 5 ǀ words 25K


Pete, a young, gay handsome drifter, is convinced by his roommate Blaze to join him and leave dreary Jersey for sunny, sex-drenched Fort Lauderdale. Their mission is simple: make a free and easy living as male prostitutes on the escort site, Buy Guys. For a while things seem to go their way, but as Pete falls deeper in love with Blaze, he is drawn into a much more sinister scheme that eventually threatens to destroy them both.


Its Live – Moonlit Wolves 7.5

I think I’ll do something a little bit different with this one because it’s a companion anthology to the series rather than a new book. And therefore rather than give you an excerpt I’ll tell you a little about the stories in it and where they are from.

I feel this book will be more for the fans of the series rather then bring new people in—tho don’t let me stop you, please. It works, promise. It’ll make you want to know where they’ve come from.

So let’s start.

Most of these stories were meant to go into the back of the series as I’ve written this series more like a manga then a set series and therefore, if you’ve read manga’s before, know that a lot of them give little teasers or short with it. Okay, so most of them do like character profiles and such but I have made little short from scenes inside the main story, think I couldn’t or didn’t think it was appropriate to have the scene in the story.