Tuesday 23 February 2016

Bear With My A Moment

Its looking like I’m going to need more time. To be honest whoever thought I’d actually make 60K in a month clearly doesn’t know my time lines.

For those of you who don’t I’m a slow writer.

Anyway, I’m at depression stage of the book, about halfway though and I say that way because I’m re-writing and though I’ve allowed myself some leeway I’m stay to the paper I’m writing it off. In second drafts, after April’s read it, I’ll go in and make it better better.

Right now, I’m mostly just bring the characters or at least Michaela’s to life where she was a little flat, and I’m world building. However I’m kinda reading it for the first time since writing it, while I’m re-writing and so I don’t want to lose what I’ve got, plot wise, by going too far off stript. It has meant that scenes have been cut and other had had 1K more added to them.

Anyway, you want to learn more, click over to McGee’s blog

I’m going to start a new think of Thursday because honestly I can’t talk about myself that much. Yeah I made it a month. I’m hoping to write things about my characters, if you want something speak up, if not April or Tracy will probably come up with what I could do. really I’ very unimaginable

So this is it for me for the week, what you guys been up to?

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