Tuesday 16 February 2016

New Pack is Forming

Greenbelt River Pack

That’s what the snippet above is from, more so it’s introducing you to Frankie one of the inter circles.

Anyway, I thought since I’ve got nothing else here’s what I’ve got, if you’d like to see the crew you’ll need to join my facebook group, by clicking here

Alpha: Zander – was also team leader
Beta: Jake – was in a different part of the military
Inner-Circle, rest of ops group:
Jasper & Kat
Lacy (doctor)

Greenbelt Pack: (so far)
Zander’s Mate: Ace
Jake’s Mate: Jason

Puppies: (Jason & Jake’s kids)
First litter: Kasey (F), Tobias (m) & Tristian (M)
Second: Adelaide (f) & Sidney (m) 

Getting Zander’s Voice down: (remember unedited)

“We’re being attacked.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, again.” Zander jammed his fingers into his hair, pulling at the strands as his fingers caught knots on their way though.
Why the fuck he’d not gotten his hair cut yet he didn’t know—oh yeah he didn’t because this was the third time the Greenbelt River pack had attacked. Each time a few little closer with a few more wolves.
“You know this was going to happen. Hell, you thought about doing it back to them.” his beta, who also happened to be his brother, spoke a truth he didn’t have time for.
“Get out of here, round up the boys and scare them off again.”
“Seriously, again?”
“I don’t want to be alpha to that fucked up pack, do you?”
“Fuck no.” Jake laughed, “But then I’m not alpha material.”
“Fuck you aren’t.” Zander growled at the doorway his arse of a brother had left out of.
Shaking his head, Zander grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it over his head, his pants went next as he rolled his shoulders and stretched out his arms. Shifting came naturally, something he didn’t have to really think about anymore. It was like a full speed run up a hill, they use to make him do that as training in the military so he knew what he was talking about. And like all hard runs it always made the other side a little better if he stretched out his muscles a little beforehand.
His back bowed as a tingled sensation ran from tailbone to neck, his arms went next and then his legs before he was shaking his head and wondering what the hell happened.
Oh cool, he was on all fours.
Shaking out his body, Zander made his way out of his bedroom in the cabin all his little loner pack stayed in.
Maybe they could use a little more room?
Zander rubbed his body against the door jam as he left, leaving his scent all over the place before he headed onto the front veranda. A quick leek on the bottom of one of the poles on the main stairs he lifted his nose to see where everyone was at and then headed towards Kat’s smell.
A few more quick stops and he sat himself down on the end of a small clearing as he watched his bother and Kat tag team on of the idiots who kept on trying to take his land.
A thin mangy thing, had dark brown mattered head and looked as if he’d not eaten in three months. It didn’t stop him from being vicious though, he knew exactly were to undercut a wolf in order to win quickly, and if he wasn’t up against them he may have been able to whip both of his opponents out. however his pack had been trained by the best in both human combat as well as animal as well as it being in there blood.
Or at least that’s what he’d come to believe. They’d have a few others join them in training and all had died an early death in the field. It hadn’t been a fun experience but proved really early on how different they’d been. For some reason they’d been able to avoid true danger without thinking about it. They also all had black and white fur and built that spoke more or ancient heritage than luck.
They and he spoke of five other when he said they, boned as if they’d lived with each other their whole lives at just a handshake.
Zander watched as the wolf was taken down by Kat and growled as the fucker continued to fight even as Jake stood over him, giving him an out. A chance to head home. However he clearly wanted to die and who was Zander to not grant wishes. As soon as Jake looked at him Zander gave the order and the mangy wolf lay dead at the two stronger wolves feet.
They all stood there for a few minutes in silence for that which fell, even cut by their own hands, and then a playful growl came from just off to the side of Kat, who returned the favour by turning towards her mate, crouching down on her front paws.
Zander rolled his eyes at the couple before he turned around and went on a scout of his land, marking and learning as he went.


  1. Sounds great so far. Is this where Sender's mate will come from, or is he already mated? Can't tell from this snippet

    1. Sorta but not really. Not really helpful tho I don't want to give everything away - and no only one couple are already mates