Tuesday 29 March 2016

Ending One Beginning Another

I’m in the last days of my McGee novel as in by the time this goes live  should be in the last 1 or 2K left to finish the first draft. Then I’ll want to do a quick read through and send it off to beta reads.

THEN I’m going to plot out The Challenge series, as I feel I should actually get a series organised but either way I have to start writing the first book this…ah, next month in order for it to come out in Nov. I’m hoping it’ll only take a month to write this one as I have 7 more books to finish this year and that’s not including more McGee novels.

I’ve also got to organise, aka write out my birthday shorts. It’s a big one for me this year and I want to be completely organised for that now rather than later. Also I have real life bullshit to deal with which could either happen within weeks or months (my sister hopes the months part, she wants it all to go down after my birthday).

And that’s about it, I believe. Hoping to have some big announcement coming your way soon.  

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