Tuesday 15 March 2016

When You’ve Not Done Anything

I’m still on break. It’s not really because I want to be, but honestly I can’t seem to get myself to write anything…well that’s not true I’ve re-written a short to put into my newsletter, but other than that I’ve done nothing.

This week I’m going to be doing all the little things I needed, you know other than the newsletter and the website, but other stuff, lol, some things I can talk about others I can’t.

What I can:

  • Re-reading Taking A Stand (finding a proofer)
  • Writing up the rest of the Newsletter Shorts I’ve already gotten, if not adding to it
  • Write up the birthday shorts for, well, my birthday

These are all little jobs I don’t want to leave to the last minute. They are also only going to be 1K max and therefore aren’t making me sit still for long times. Also I don’t have to think on it to much as they are all there already.

Also doing a bit of series plotting, just on my free time. The first being the Greenbelt River Pack, which happens to be the snippet from above. I’m more than ready to write those however, they won’t be coming out until next year.

Saying this my line up might have changed for the rest of the year. Will also spend the week thinking about that too but in all honestly one has already cut itself as I wrote this novel. But the Christmas one might be gone but it will depend on what we have planned.

But then it just depends on what I want to write and when

I’ll also be talking about a new BonyDee Challenge soon, which will be my December story anyway so therefore do I want 2 out this year…

Anyway that’s what I’m up to this week, what about you??

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