Monday 18 April 2016

Read Last Week

I’m changing this because it’s become too hard to post on Sunday, so I thought today would be a better day post the list. Hope I wasn’t wrong.
Without further ado, here’s the deal with all those books I’ve read last week

Fading (Shifting Rescue), This Old House, This Young Stud & Jack of All Trades (Box of Nails) by Sean Michael
Finnegan’s Promise by Carol Lynne
Puzzle Me This by Eli Easton
Inside Out (Bronco’s Boys) by Andrew Grey

Physical Therapy by Carol Lynne

Adrn’s Angel by Audrea Singer
Beware of the Greeks Bearing Gifts by Charlie Cochet
Breakaway by Avon Gale
Catch my Breath by MJ O’Shea
Day & Night by Dirk Greyson
Demon of Mine by Rayna Vause
Emergency Contact by Elle Brownless
Fire & Ice, Rain & Fire by Andrew Grey
For Love of War, I’ll Still be There by Kiernan Kelly
Inherit the Sky by Ariel Tachna
Knave of Broken Hearts by Tara Lain
Mind Magic by Poppy Dennison
Model Student by Shae Conner
Motel. Pool by Kim Fielding
My Prince by Anna Martin
Pent Up by Damon Suede
Playing House by Bru Baker
Rainbow Blues by KC Burn
Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells by EM Lyney
Shot Gun by Marie Sexton
Snow of the Mountain by PD Singer
Winter Ball by Amy Lane
Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell
Omorphi by C Kennedy
Seducing his Reluctant Vampire by Charlie Richards
Riding the Bull, Summer Fever & Untold Want by Cat Ford
The Haters by Jesse Andrews


This is kinda self-explanatory; these are the next books I want to read. This isn’t saying I will but the hope is for it.

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll tell you.
* What I bought this week and read
** won

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