Tuesday 10 May 2016

We Meet Again

Again this week I’ve found I’ve done nothing, though unlike last when I could list off what I’ve actually done, this one I wasn’t as successful.

What did I do? Let’s see… I did edits on my Birthday Bash posts. I have 13 flash fictions but unlike last time this time it was a look into the characters of my books. Or at least the ones I was still able to write about. Unfortunately, one couple that missed out really needs to get their act back or they’ll never get that finished story they are waiting for. Saying this, the reason I wasn’t able to was more because I didn’t know what to write when there story is still only in the beginning stage.

I beta read two book while apparently ignoring another. Honestly, I’m the worse beta alive as I’ve had this story for so long and I keep on forgetting about it. It’s not the books fault, it’s all mine. I’ve just had so much crap in my RL that a lot of things have been forgotten. That too and I think I’m working my way out of a depression fog, it’s only been over the last two days but I’m seeing a lot of shit I’ve left untouched.

And that’s about it. I’ve read 2 novels which I wasn’t meant to and I have just been stressed as hell and hoping I can be fixed enough to be able to go on with my life. though it’s still there its not as horrible as it has been the last week because unlike last week, this one I don’t have anything to fall back on.

What’s up this week? That’s a good question; it’s the same thing I wanted to be doing last week. Writing. I’m nearly halfway through the year and I need to write 7 books. 6 at 20K each and one at 10K. Plus I’d like to finish another 10K story but in all honestly that can wait till 2017 and still be able for me to use it.

Anyway. I’ve also got to get started on working out what the hell I need for October 2017 and yeah it’s a long way off but hell, it’s exciting and I’m obsessive.

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