Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ WINNERS

First off let me thank everyone who took part in this mass giveaway, those who came for a day, those who stuck with it from the start, truly you are all wonderful people. Truly, you make my birthday last longer than just the day and that’s it

But let me move along, you’re here for one thing and one thing over, to see what you’ve won.

Need to add book they won behind DAY

DAY 1: PDF of Loved By A Werewolf winner Booksandmore
DAY 2: PDF of Forever With My Werewolf winner Debra Gayette
DAY 3: Seeking My Werewolf winner Lee Todd
DAY 4:  ebook of Crash winner Anna Barlow
DAY 5: Any format of Outside Sanity winner Loveless3173
DAY 6: Any format of The Way Life Turns winner ShirleyAnn
DAY 7: PDF of Taking Control of My Werewolf winner booksandmore
DAY 8: PDF of Protecting My Werewolf winner Loveless3173
DAY 9: PDF of A Werewolf’s Howl winner Loveless3173
DAY 10: PDF of The Rub of My Werewolf winner booksandmore
DAY 11: any format of Leave It All winner booksandmore
DAY 12: Any format of Love Without Knowing It winner booksandmore
DAY 13: Any format of My Outside My Inside winner no winner
DAY 14: PDF of Ben’s Wolf Surprise winner Debby

MAIN PRIZE: 1x paperback of BonyDee Press Anthology, 1x paperback of Journey of Jimini Renn, 1x ecopy of The Hunt, 1x ecopy of What A Difference a Day Makes & 1x ecopy of Stay with Me winner is Loveless3173 !!!

Congrates to everyone who won

Terms and Conditions
·         Each daily prize consisted of a ebook listed, if you already have the book you may choose another from my backlist, easiest choice would be to pick from the list above though there is also Running Scared (everything else on my backlist is free reads)
·         For main prize you must be willing to give your mailing address, if you wish for either paperbacks to be signed you must allow extra time
·         If you’re email wasn’t given in comments or you aren’t apart of my fb group, you must email me at beeheeley(@)gmail with the subject Happy Birthday to Me

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