Wednesday 24 August 2016

Details: Being That For You

I’m saddened to tell you all that I have made a massive and hard decision to think of money when it comes to this release. Which means that Being That for You will end up in Amazon KU for the first 3 months of its published life. I’m sorry, honestly I know. I understand. I hate it when this happened, but I need money. I need a new computer, and then to pay off my car, and to move and there is also holidays and…and…money. I have to be all adulty and think of a way to make some, so here’s the plan. Hope I don’t upset to many people with this decision

So this means it, as long as everything goes to plan, will be released into amazon, and onto KU on the 25th of August 2016 and won’t become available for the general public, or outsiders, I’m sure amazon would call us, until the 25th of November. 

So general information is:

It sits just under 20K which means I’m also going to be publishing it at $2.99. if you are not an amazon buyer, use paypal, and wish the book in your hands when it comes out I will gladly allow you to buy it from me at a lower price of $1.99 (which will give you all 3 etypes, epub, mobi & PDF, to your email) – email me at beeheeley[at]gmail[dot]com

The story is about life after the main story, that one where he’s straight but becomes gay for just the right person. You know that one *waggles brows* there real good, so if you’ve not read anything like that you should go looking. Anyway, it started as a blog story that got expanded by a few scenes and it’s a wonderfully beautiful story, if I do say so myself.

Ah… and so that’s all I’m willing to share, unless it is actually coming out on the 25th and then I’ll have added more as I’d have had the book and gotten it ready for release, if not, and this is what you are reading then it’s not coming out for a few more day/week.

Update: Due to RL issues this book will be released on, or closer to, the 30th of August, maybe earlier because of the info above I’ll probably just release it 3 days after I submit it to Amazon. Then I’m promo

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